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How well do you know me? Quiz

created by Bajanshay on Jun 201351 yrs old, Bridgetown, Saint Michael, Barbados

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Catfoot Around here, Western Cape South AfricaNov 18, 2013
See now; Don't ever tell me I don't read your blogs. I must admit one of them was an educated guess,rolling on the floor laughing but I wont tell you which one.laugh laugh
BajanshayOP Bridgetown, Saint Michael BarbadosJun 1, 2013
Good going Non,
You do know me! teddybear
BajanshayOP Bridgetown, Saint Michael BarbadosJun 1, 2013
MM, definitely! Lots of work to do! LOL!!
Poetnumber1 St James, Port of Spain Trinidad and TobagoJun 1, 2013
Your quiz was fun Bajan but i guess i hardly know you afterall.I better get to work at that.bouquet hug

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