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RE: How well do you know women?

Lovely quiz Miss Pepsi... I gained much more knowledge about women...But remember next time when you set up a quiz to check your grammar and spelling.... oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox) kiss

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RE: Boyfriend application Form <3

Always fun to see what others are looking for:)

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RE: Boyfriend application Form <3

Hello, hi Texas my name is Alban and im 35 years old and i dont know how much this quiz works but i will give the try, i live in kosovo city called Ferizaj, i work in Italian Fashion Shop back home. I wish to know someone that with her intellectual and respect to one another will be great spouse.

Have a great time, take care bouquet Alban

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are u my type?

plz take my quiz and see if ur my miss rightlaugh

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RE: Are you right for me

i know u pretty well lets hook up sometime

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RE: Are you sure you know me?

i dear how is live and your schooling, i hope u are doing. i just want to say u are beautiful and intelligent. i will like to have u as my friend. i can stop saying i love you take care love.

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RE: How well do you know women?

Hello Pepsi, Enjoyed the quiz. Best of luck to you!

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RE: Can you figure me out?;)

"was I adopted or am I with my real family" is NOT a yes or no question Same thing for your other this OR that questions.

you irritate me

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RE: do you know me?

In fact, i am interesting in you, if you could accept my offer,
my personal e-mail as reads ([email protected])thanks and
"GOD" bless you.heart beating

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RE: How well do you know men?

i guess paying attention to how his mind works is important :)
(and of coz....being a good listener ) :)

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RE: welcome to my quiz

I tried. Since I guessed I did pretty well.

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RE: what do you remember about me?

Hi I'm pesarlai I need your help. I want come to canada. I can give to YOU maney plz help plz add me on Facebook. Pesarlaigaheez. And skype pesarlai. gaheez1. Plz add me

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RE: are you phsycic

what is phsycic ... is that anything like psychic?

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RE: Could you be the one for me?

Well even though Im not in the correct age range I took your quiz for fun.

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RE: Could you be the one for me?

i m..looking a nice girl woman who can married me and love me. Email me [email protected] Hi-jab Women.girl ...i m not like sexy girl . women girl . woman not me comment me ..only Simple Hi-jab Women.girl i m gulam qadir Pakistan

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RE: Let's see how well you know me

well not great result good luck with your results x

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