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How well do you know-me SAMPLE Quiz

created by staff2 on Oct 200957 yrs old, CS, Newfoundland, Canada
Know Me
This is a SAMPLE HOW-WELL-DO-YOU-KNOW-ME QUIZ ("Know-me Quiz" for short). This sample is entered to show you how the new Know-Me Quizzes work and what they will look like. You can take my quiz below to check it out, or just for practice.

This is NOT a Compatibility Quiz.. here is the difference:

KNOW ME: the questions are all about you and have right/wrong answers. The quiz tests the Taker on how well they know you. Their score is based on how many questions they answer correctly.

COMPATIBILITY: the questions are about the Taker's preferences, opinions, and lifestyle. The quiz tests the Taker on how well they match you. Their score is based on how well their answers match what you are looking for.

To create a Know-Me Quiz, click the "CREATE QUIZ" button in the left sidebar. Enter a TITLE, enter your QUESTIONS, then click "PUBLISH" and invite friends to take it. Your quiz will not be visible to others until you click the "Publish" button.

When creating your Know-Me Quiz, think of the things that people who know you should know about you... or that you want them to know about you if they don't already. To make your quiz interesting think of fun, quirky or interesting facts about yourself.. serious or funny.

You can add an INTRODUCTION (description) of your quiz (like the one I’m writing here)-or just leave the default text entered for you on the Basics page. Also, you can write different SCORING TEXT that Takers will receive based on their score- or just use the default Scoring Text entered for you.

This is a fun way to test your friends on how well they know you, and to see who scores best! Members who take your quiz will be listed under the TAKERS tab for you to check out. There will be a link to your quiz on your profile.

Please fix the following errors in your quiz:
Please answer this question...
1. What is my natural hair color?
Please answer this question...
2. What are my cats names?
Please answer this question...
3. What is my favorite smiley?
Please answer this question...
4. Why did I create this quiz?

Stats for this Quiz

178 Times Taken
4 Questions
by staff2
Created: Oct 2009
Last Viewed: Nov 25
Last Commented: Sep 2011
Last Taken: Feb 18


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