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Scorpio Women in Okinawa (2)

lionheartbeat share life together

share life together

I looking for serious relationship lead my marriage. I am honest, smiley, little shy. Let's talk and get to know each other....

life4good living in Okinawa

living in Okinawa

I moved to Okinawa from CA this summer. I do not know much about Okinawa, originally from Tokyo so that I would like to have some friends in Okinawa or Japan. I am an easy-going person, down to earth,...

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This is a list of Scorpio Women - ordered by Last Online Date.

Scorpio women are beautiful, mysterious and captivating. Extremely loyal, the Scorpio girl chooses friends carefully, for they often remain with her for life. She is romantic, passionate and loves with intense devotion, but hates with equal vengeance. Pretty Woman Julia Roberts is a Scorpio!
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