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Do You Know Who St Patrick Wasonline today!

RE: Do You Know Who St. Patrick Was?

Reply to the first comment: There cannot have been Eastern Orthodox religion in Ireland in the fourth or fifth century AD, since the schism in Chri...

Winning Against Your Girlfriend

RE: Winning Against Your Girlfriend

I found it offensive as well. I am a woman and I am not ruled by emotions in an argument. (In regards to emotions, I have met many men who were just "...

Is Guilt Keeping you a Prisoner

RE: Is Guilt Keeping you a Prisoner?

I am so glad I took the time to read your beautifully and superbly articulated article regarding the issue of "irrational" guilt. I no sooner began r...

Is Your Man Cheating 7 Signs

RE: Is Your Man Cheating – 7 Signs

Men cheat more often than women by a mile! Where r u getting yr info?...

Chick Flicks for People Who Hate Chick Flicks hereafter referred to as men

RE: Chick Flicks for People Who Hate Chick Flicks (hereafter referred to as "men")

I just watched the movie "People" on Amazon Prime and had to talk about it. Maybe its just me, but I have faith the future of mankind again after see...

The Ten Worst Presidents

RE: The Ten Worst Presidents

@BottomBoy1989, I agree with this your comment, "We can sit and comment on worst ten Presidents but these men where leaders of the US they may not hav...

How to Trust Again

RE: How to Trust Again

"Thus without trust, there can be no romantic relationship." This statement kind of sum it all. If you cannot trust, don't go into any relationshi...



I agree with Ladyhumour. And if you come across as the agressive type you end up with nobody. I don't mean agressive as a man basher or someone who...

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