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How to persuade disbelieversonline today!

RE: How to persuade disbelievers?

Hi Guys, Sadistic, religious bustards have sacrificed, murdered, tortured, humiliated, raped, sexually abused, tormented, crucified...

one month already

RE: one month already

Oh no It looks like the CEO ran off with our money there was no money So can someone PLEASE t...

Bundy Clock

RE: Bundy Clock


Why I prefer Younger Woman

Why I prefer Younger Woman?

Hi, I am here on this site for more than 6 months.I am happy to say that this site is very good and I bless the owners who have come out with this co...



I'm looking for a honest woman...

About Mr marblecollector sad stories

About Mr marblecollector sad stories

I knows some about American government. They gives all facilities like home like hospital like daily necessary things . their retired or poor or unemp...

Group Discussion

Group Discussion

Hi Simmo Taxes are done so does this mean u going to spend time teasing the men in this group now.........

To know each ather

To know each ather.!

Hi Dear, I am a new members in this group, my name is Babul from Dhaka Bangladesh, want to know you people in Sweden... how the life th...

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