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Die Hard 1 3
I love action films, and these are some of those faves. Incredible actions and stunts. Watch on Amazon »

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  • Mysticalli
    Mysticalli Feb 2012 Teresina, Piaui Brazil
    Die Hard 1 is great. Thanks to Hans Gruber! applause laugh
  • SimoonHidden Profile
    SimoonHidden Profile Mar 2012 Campbelltown DC, New South Wales Australia
    This movie has it all action xcitement an those funny bits wen u least xpect it oh bruce mmmmm
  • stefon64Hidden Profile
    stefon64Hidden Profile Oct 2016 lake city, Florida USA
    very good,but dont forget 4 & 5,,and,,yippeekiyaaa mf
  • giniwinnHidden Profile
    giniwinnHidden Profile May 2017 hyderabad, India
    Bruce Willis in the movie Die hard
    Bruce Willis's brief appearance on f.r.i.e.n.d.s.
    Bruce Willis with Cybill Shepard.

    versatility- amazing... wow
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