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Star Wars Trilogy (Pre-Disney)

Star Wars Trilogy (Pre-Disney) Movie

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To me hands down Star Wars will be the number one goto film of all times and in almost 40 years I have seen all 7 movies (except for The Force Awakes) somewhere about 800-900 times with only one another person I know who has seen as many times as me... most likely why we have been friends for 25 years lol
I will say hand on heart , star wars has been a major part of my life ever since being six years old in 1977, i always say the week before i saw Sinbad and the eye of the tiger ,then a certain independent film ,you might have heard of it , it was called Star Wars and it changed my life mother would tell you the same apart from the pestering i did did i know such a film would influence my life so much , to tell you the truth ,growing up in the seventies was a groundbreaking time , and Star Wars is testiment to this hear it so changed films forever and its really true ..ILM and George Lucas really turned everything .... Its now gone many films , many tv series and film specials all dedicated to the what is really termed as the George Lucas sandbox ...

i could really write so much on the subject but you see my home its all Star Wars .....ive collected for 27 years , i know a incredible amount about the two trilogies and i am a very stern critic about the franchise and I've attended conventions , my collection is worth thousands ....i am also a member of Rancho Obi Wan which is a non profit organization which i am very proud to belong to...

anyone willing to discuss or know me feel free ....

and MTFBW all .....
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