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A ten-year-old boy leaves Italian Calabria behind to follow his father to a distant and cold Belgium in search of a better life. Marina tells the amazing story of a little boy, against the background of the Italian migration to Belgium in the 50s.
Italy, 1948. Ten-year-old Rocco is growing up in a gorgeous but poor mountain hamlet in Calabria, until one day his father Salvatore decides to seek a better future for his family. He then leaves for the promised land, Belgium, where he strives to earn a lot of money in a short amount of time by working in coal mines, before returning to his home country. But very soon he sends for his family and they all move to Waterschei. Rocco becomes a migrant overnight, with all the consequences this entails. The greyish mining landscapes of Limburg, icy winters, racism, and a foreign language and culture all put a damper on the little boy's happiness. Rocco wants to be like other children, become someone and have a purpose in life. Against his father's wish and better judgement he seeks an escape through music and love. Rocco follows his heart and passion to fulfil his dream.
The story is based on the childhood memories of the Italian-Belgian singer, Rocco Granata.

Release Date: 2013

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