Other Life
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Australian productions science fiction movie. It is good to watch while you can't sleep having an Insomania grin

For ordinary people, the debate about the seventh dimension often lies on the ambiguous line between myth and imagination.
It is called a myth because it is unable to provide concrete evidence, and it leads to rumors that differ from one opinion to another. It is considered imagination because there is still a gap to investigate it through the medium of science, as seen in the initial theory research effort (inception).
The ambiguity of the seventh dimension is what Ben C. Lucas is trying to portray in the film Other Life by Ben C. Lucas, a film that depicts the controversy in realizing the existence of the seventh dimension as a tool for controlling memory.

Adapted from the science fiction novel Solitaire by Kelley Eskridge, this film tells about the ambition of Ren Amari (Jessica De Gouw) to develop nanotechnology engineering. It aims to present a virtual reality that is able to encourage the creation of memory in the human brain.
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