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5 Star Movie

5-Star!? (2008)

Life Altering Event!...

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Our kind of love Movie

Our kind of love (2019)

An Afghan village girl goes on her first date in London....

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The Upside Movie

The Upside (2018)

"I've never seen Kevin Heart in anything before, so I didn't know what to expect from this movie. Kevin was fabulous in this movie, so was everyone in...

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Dog Movie

Dog (2021)

"Just saw this movie today. Absolutely beautiful from beginning to end. The funeral and hotel scenes near the end of the movie are highly affecting. I...

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Feeling Through Movie

Feeling Through (2021)

A homeless teen meets a deaf-blind man who changes his life forever...Appreciating the challenges that others face....

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The Kings Speech Movie

The King's Speech (2010)

The King's Speech is based on the true story of King George VI's of England, overcome his stammer to find his voice, with the support of Logue, his f...

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Departures Okuribito Movie

Departures (Okuribito) (2008)

Departures nice Japan movie Academy Award winner as the best foreign film. Actor Masahiro Motoki Plot Line : Soon after buying an expensive cell...

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Fiance Visa vs Spouse Visa K1 vs CR1 Which is faster easier cheaper k118 Movie

Fiance Visa vs Spouse Visa, K1 vs CR1? Which is faster, easier, cheaper? k118 (2017) When bringing your partner to live with you in the United States, you have two choices and they both include...

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Do All Muslim Women Think The Same Movie

Do All Muslim Women Think The Same? (2017)

Whats up guys! Thanks for watching! These are from my own experiences although I know its not just arab culture that does this. Its all just for a goo...

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Getting married over the phone or through internet Movie

Getting married over the phone or through internet (2010)

Getting married over the phone or through internet...

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Emmys 2013 Outstanding Lead Actress Drama Series Claire Danes Movie

Emmys 2013-Outstanding Lead Actress Drama Series . Claire Danes

It's the first time I've heard the name Claire Danes. No idea who she was....

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paradaise love Movie

paradaise love (2012)

paradaise love full movie...

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Polygamy in Canada An open secret The Fifth Estate Movie

Polygamy in Canada: An open secret - The Fifth Estate (2019)

Polygamy is against the Canadian Criminal Code, yet some imams are openly willing to perform a marriage for Muslim men who want second wives, includin...

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This has been a long journey for Michael and Angela here is the ride Movie

This has been a long journey for Michael and Angela here is the ride

90 day fiancé before the 90 days Michael Journey to Meet Trump...

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Why Didnt Danielle Take Her Sons Side In Court After Mohamed Called The Cops On Him Movie

Why Didn't Danielle Take Her Son's Side In Court After Mohamed Called The Cops On Him? (2017)

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Danielle tries to repair her relationship with son Cory....

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Tom Ogle This Guys fuel efficient Device Got 100 Miles Per Gallon Movie

Tom Ogle: - This Guy’s fuel efficient Device Got 100 Miles Per Gallon!!! (2018)

Tom Ogle: This Guy's Device Got 100 Miles Per Gallon – Then He Had An Attempt On His Life & Later Mysteriously Died.......... Many people will be f...

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Warning Do not watch this You wont believe it anyway Movie

Warning: Do not watch this. You wont believe it anyway! (2014)

1992 dodge truck running on gas fumes. This is my first try with this simple system and it worked. I do not recommend driving like this full time beca...

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Typical woodgas startup no gasoline Movie

Typical woodgas startup, no gasoline (2013)

A typical short trip to the post office, all on woodgas. Today I'm not even using any gasoline to crank up the motor. Slightly more cranking at the st...

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ninja david Movie

ninja david (2007)

when i whas young...

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Citzien Kane Movie

Citzien Kane (1941)

This trailer is like a lesson in how to make one of the greatest masterpieces in the history of cinema and make it look awful. It's like they were try...

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Hidden Figures Movie

Hidden Figures (2016)

Inspirational. Funny. Love it....

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Queen of Katwe Movie

Queen of Katwe (2016)

What a gem. A beautiful and uplifting film....

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Mama Hen VS Machine Movie

Mama Hen VS. Machine

a classic "battle"... Animal VS. machine. This time we're pitting a broody hen against an incubator. We're placing fertilize eggs from the exact same...

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PK Movie

PK (2014)

Very Humanity life style Idea . I like and got idea....

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Trouble with the curve Movie

Trouble with the curve (2012)

based on a story about baseball...

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The Blind Side Movie

The Blind Side (2009)

Based on a true story...

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The Vow Movie

The Vow (2012)

i love this movie because its a perfect example of how some people are willing to fight for what they have/love....

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Avatar Movie

Avatar (2009)

This is one of the greatest movies ever : )...

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what dreams may come Movie

what dreams may come (1998)

Found this film to be very close to every ones souls and hopes and desires....

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A beautiful mind Movie

A beautiful mind (2001)

BRILLIANT film....

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The mission Movie

The mission (1986)

Show "life" in another world... How disgusting it can be, and nothing have changed.. The music is so beautiful.....

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Sideways Movie

Sideways (2004)

Best i have seen in the last 5 years. watch it now...

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Fireproof Movie

Fireproof (2008)

I did not want to classify as spiritual alone or romance alone so life and learning encompasses both, for this teaches you how to value your partner,...

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Walking Across Egypt Movie

Walking Across Egypt (1999)

Starring Ellen Burstyn & Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Really good movie about an elderly woman who offers kindness, caring & understanding to a teenaged...

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A Dog Year Movie

A Dog Year (2009)

Starring Jeff Bridges. Based on the popular Jon Katz memoir, "A Dog Year". The movie is about how a man and dog transform each others lives for the be...

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Switched at Birth Movie

Switched at Birth (1991)

Based on true life story about two baby girls who were switched in hospital at birth & raised by wrong parents. This was found out 10 years later....

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Snow Cake Movie

Snow Cake (2006)

This movie gives direct insight into an adult autistic woman's daily life....

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Dont lie to me Movie

Dont lie to me

I love the movie because every role acted in the movie is real and educative. My favourite part was when they had their first kiss. I will say it is a...

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Saved by the Light TV 1995 Movie

Saved by the Light (TV 1995) (1995)

A mean, loud-mouthed town bully is talking on the phone one night during a lightning storm when, in a freak occurrence, a bolt of lightning strikes a...

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Love Movie

Love (2010)

this film holds true to its name..walk away with feeling love 5/5!!!!...

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October Baby Movie

October Baby (2011)

About a young adopted woman who learns that she was a survivor of abortion and sets out to find her birth parents to answer questions about her origin...

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