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picket fences Movie

picket fences (1992)

ran from se/92 to jun/96. a david e kelly show. on a number of sites, it is listed as a drama but, i found it to be quite funny in its absurdity. wish...

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corner gas Movie

corner gas (2004)

down-to-earth comedy series about a small rural canadian town and some of the people who live there. all the characters have their quirks that can't h...

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The boy in the plastic bubble Movie

The boy in the plastic bubble (1976)

Classic movie when I was a kid...

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Kingkong Movie

Kingkong (2005)


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The Wrong Rock by Michael Cawood Movie

"The Wrong Rock" by Michael Cawood (2019)

Martin the mushroom was born on the wrong rock. Martin overcomes enormous challenges to travel to a far away rock where he hopes to be accepted. This...

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you are here a come from away documentary Movie

you are here: a "come from away" documentary (2018)

a heartfelt documentary based on the highly successful and multiple award winner musical, "come from away". you learn about the people who the charact...

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UMBRELLA Award Winning and Oscar Movie

UMBRELLA | **Award- Winning** and Oscar (2021)

Qualified CGI Animated Short Film ???? Inspired by true events and filled with messages of empathy and hope, Umbrella follows Joseph's story, a boy...

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Somewhere In Time (1980)

In 1972, playwright Richard Coller (Christopher Reeve) becomes fascinated by a photo of Elise Mckenna (Jane Seymour), a turn-of-the-century stage actr...

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chernobyl hbo mini series Movie

chernobyl (hbo mini series) (2019)

a chilling and riveting re-enactment of the nuclear disaster in ukraine, which was part of the soviet union, in april 1986. more about "the boots on t...

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years and years british tv mini series available on hbo Movie

years and years (british tv mini series available on hbo) (2019)

follows a 3-generational family over the course of 15 years living in a britain governed by a pm that reminds one of a former president of the united...

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Papillon Movie

Papillon (1973)

I love this movie...

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2012 Movie

2012 (2009)

I don't personally believe that the world is going to end in 2012 but its still a great movie...

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The Cowboy Short Film Movie

"The Cowboy" - Short Film (2014)

Writer: Peter Banifaz Stars: Peter Banifaz - Mister Sharp Ken Lyle - Man with the briefcase Anton Rivas - El Vaquero Sherry Stone, Jose Rose...

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The Hiding Place (1975)

Two sisters, Corrie and Betsie, are sent to a concentration camp when the Nazis suspect them of hiding the Jews. Unable to bear the agony. Betsie dies...

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the hidden fortress Movie

the hidden fortress (1958)

the inspiration for star wars, of course, from the great akira kurosawa. i'm not a star wars fan, though. have posted a better video "trailer" than my...

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Dangerous liaisons Movie

Dangerous liaisons (1988)

The power of words b/4 instagram.....big name cast.......

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the seven samurai Movie

the seven samurai

many of akira kurosawa's movies were the inspiration for such western movies as the magnificent seven and a fistful of dollars. toshiro mifune was the...

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the departed Movie

the departed (2006)

all-star cast, past and present, in a suspenseful cop movie. it's a scorsese movie so, expect bloody, violent scenes.......

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henry V Movie

henry V (1989)

i greatly admire those who have a command of the spoken word. a fine movie...

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breaking away Movie

breaking away (1979)

a little gem of a movie. some future stars. funny but poignant. inspired a short-lived tv show starring shaun cassidy (who???)....

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the last of the mohicans Movie

the last of the mohicans (1992)

this movie has it all: action, drama, romance, majestic scenery, moving soundtrack, and powerful ending. the original version ended with the prayer. t...

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Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times Short Film 1212 min Movie

"Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times"- Short Film (12:12 min) (2017)

Two men meet five times in their lives but only when they meet in old age can they cast aside their prejudices and become friends...

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Trouble Brewing Animated Short Film 737 min Movie

"Trouble Brewing" - Animated Short Film (7:37 min) (2016)

Trouble Brewing is an animated short film created by the students and faculty of the Project X course at Cogswell College. The short film follows the...

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Behand the Wall Short Film 831 min Movie

"Behand the Wall" - Short Film (8:31 min) (2011)

A white man travelling in a foreign country enters an elevator and meets a middle-east woman in a niqab. The elevator stops all of a sudden and th...

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Short Film The English Teacher Movie

Short Film "The English Teacher" (2020)

This novel, dedicated to Narayan's wife Rajam, is not only autobiographical but also poignant in its intensity of feeling. The story is a series of ex...

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midnight run Movie

midnight run

the movie is a LOT funnier than the trailer makes it out to be. the rapport between de niro and grodin is great. both play it so straight faced, but d...

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shakespeare in love Movie

shakespeare in love (1998)

big sigh......i admire greatly words spoken well, even if they're scripted. enjoyed the weaving of fact and fiction into a story. Cuddle with your hon...

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glory Movie

glory (1989)

glory to the 54th!! based on true events. they kicked in like men. great speeches/dialogue...

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ikiru Movie

ikiru (1952)

a gentle, slow paced movie about a dying bureaucrat who finds meaning or purpose for his life after a career of obscurity by one of the greatest direc...

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Hachiko: A Dog's Story (2010)

A professor finds an abandoned dog and takes him home. Over a period of time, he forms an unbreakable bond with the dog....

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Hachi: A Dog's Tale (2010)

A professor finds an abandoned dog and takes him home. Over a period time, he forms an unbrakable bond with the dog...

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OASIS Short Film 2021 Movie

"OASIS" - Short Film 2021 (2021)

A loner travelling through the vast desert of an alien world embarks on a dangerous and desperate quest for the planet's most precious treasure: WATER...

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Charade Movie

Charade (1963)

Full movie Charade Classic movie Comedy romance with suspense . Audrey Hepburn a beautiful woman is pursued by several man who want a fortune her mur...

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Cold Eyes Movie

Cold Eyes (2013)

Cold Eyes (full movie with Eng subt) A computer and network surveillance agency attempts to stop a group of criminals from robbing a bank. Korean go...

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A Walk in the Clouds Movie

A Walk in the Clouds (1995)

A married soldier returning from World War II poses as a pregnant woman's husband to save her from her father's anger and honor...

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Out of africa Movie

Out of africa (1985)

Love... love... love...

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Evil dead 2 Movie

Evil dead 2 (1987)

Do not watch it alone...

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Silent hill Movie

Silent hill (2006)

A must see horror film...

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Empire of the sun Movie

Empire of the sun (1987)

A good film...

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LIFE Movie

LIFE (1999)

In 1932, two strangers are wrongfully convicted and develop a strong friendship in prison that lasts them through the 20th century. ===============...

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Runaway Bride Movie

Runaway Bride (1999)


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haymaker Movie

haymaker (2021)

romance, boxing....

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