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Network Movie

Network (1976)

"I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take this anymore!"...

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Greedy Movie

Greedy (1994)

Starring Kirk Douglas & Michael J. Fox in 1994 movie Relatives are constantly visiting their aging uncle who is a millionaire, creating schemes to...

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Blast From The Past Movie

Blast From The Past (1999)

Beautiful & heart warming...

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unspeakable Movie

unspeakable (2002)

like scary...

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Transformers Movie

Transformers (2007)

I just love movie and the special effects!...

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Sideways Movie

Sideways (2004)

Best i have seen in the last 5 years. watch it now...

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Carlitos Way Movie

Carlito's Way (1993)

Simply a great performance by Pacino, as well as Sean Penn's. Great direction....

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True Romance Movie

True Romance (1993)

This Is one of the best films of the 1990s...

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Flashdance Movie

Flashdance (1983)

Gotta love the 80's!...

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The Princess Bride Movie

The Princess Bride (1987)

I like romantic comedies, used to watch this almost everyday when I was a kid, even got the lines memorized lol...

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Happy Gilmore Movie

Happy Gilmore (1996)

Happy movie, lots of laughter as with many Adam Sandler movies. Even have to like pesky Shooter McGaven shooting ball right off 007 Giant's foot and t...

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The Talented Mr Ripley Movie

The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999)


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A Clockwork Orange Movie

A Clockwork Orange (1971)

Some people find this film really sick but think Its a really great cult classic that cant be beat...

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The Addams Family Movie

The Addams Family (1991)

I think Anjelica Huston & Raul Julia are the best movie couple of all time and thats a fact :)...

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Fireproof Movie

Fireproof (2008)

I did not want to classify as spiritual alone or romance alone so life and learning encompasses both, for this teaches you how to value your partner,...

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My Name Is Earl Movie

My Name Is Earl (2005)

Great morals stories tied with crazy backwoods country-like characters and lots of self-inflicted damaging events. Earl, brother and friends cover so...

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The Mummy Movie

The Mummy (1932)

Boris Karloff stars in this 1932 movie about an Egyptian mummy who is accidently revived after 3,700 years....

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The Future of Food Movie

The Future of Food (2004)

Explains about genetically engineered seeds & the many purposes that they can be engineered for. Explains how & why Monsanto is trying to have a monop...

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Dont Bother To Knock Movie

Don't Bother To Knock (1952)

Marilyn Monroe stars in this 1952 movie about a young woman who has homicidal tendencies....

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Winters Bone Movie

Winter's Bone (2010)

This story took place in the Ozark woods of Missouri during Wintertime. A family is in jeopardy of having their house/land taken if their father doesn...

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Powder Movie

Powder (1995)

beautiful movie...

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Hachi A Dogs Tale Movie

Hachi: A Dog's Tale (2009)

I love this dog...

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Singh vs Kaur Movie

Singh vs. Kaur (2013)

i like this movie...

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Walking Across Egypt Movie

Walking Across Egypt (1999)

Starring Ellen Burstyn & Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Really good movie about an elderly woman who offers kindness, caring & understanding to a teenaged...

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underworld Movie

underworld (2003)

love them all!!!!!!!!!...

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The Flowers Of War Movie

The Flowers Of War (2011)

Good Movie...

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cloud atlas Movie

cloud atlas (2012)

this I believe is my philosophy, my belief, our souls are affected by evolution, by our lessons here on earth so that we may evolve into something big...

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upside down Movie

upside down (2012)

Upside Down (2013) Kirsten Dunst (Actor), Jim Sturgess (Actor), Juan Solanos (Director) | Rated: PG-13 | Format: DVD some how I feel our souls a...

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I think i love this film because its a great example of why you don't always need high budget special effects to make a great film. I guess my favorit...

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The Blind Side Movie

The Blind Side (2009)

Good Film...

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Tengo Ganas De Ti I Want You Movie

Tengo Ganas De Ti (I Want You) (2012)

the best movie watch it ;)...

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Five Minutes of Heaven Movie

Five Minutes of Heaven (2009)

Its the two powerful central performances that propel this film to its climax....

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Breaking and Entering Movie

Breaking and Entering (2006)

I saw this a few months ago and the characters and story stayed with me. I'd recommend it....

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This Sporting Life Movie

This Sporting Life (1963)

Richard Harris at the height of his acting powers....

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Badlands Movie

Badlands (1973)

This film draws you in from the word go and grips you 'till the end....

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Wild at Heart Movie

Wild at Heart (1990)

I used to watch this a lot in the early 90s. Its fantastic....

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Grizzly Man Movie

Grizzly Man (2005)

Its powerful....

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Bad Lieutenant Port of Call New Orleans Movie

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009)

I was totally blown away by the end of this film. It stands head and shoulders above the average cop movie....

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Ice Cold in Alex Movie

Ice Cold in Alex (1958)

A group of very different people help each other through adversity....

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Cross of Iron Movie

Cross of Iron (1977)

Sam Peckinpah's take on the life of soldiers on the eastern front....

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Deliverance Movie

Deliverance (1972)

This one put me off banjo music for life!...

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Point Blank Movie

Point Blank (1967)

Do NOT get between Walker and his vengeance....

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