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Movies released in 1950s (70)

Here is a list of movies released in 1950s posted by members. Good movies make great dates. Post your favorite movies, watch movies, and comment on movies. Click here to post a movie. Add your favorite movies to your profile- by choosing a movie below, or by posting a new one not already on the list. See which movies members like, write reviews on movies you've watched, or read reviews & comments written by other members.

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Cinderella (1950)

This movie is always in my so special for me...

Unknown6970Mar 2009Mar 2009


fasten your seatbelts its going to be a bumpy ride!!!!! killer to killer classic film starring bette davis as margo channing and anne baxter as eve ha...

Unknown5310Apr 2009Apr 2009
Ma and Pa Kettle Go To Town

Ma and Pa Kettle Go To Town (1950)

A 1950 Classic. Hilarious! Good clean humor. Your kids will love it....

Unknown4420Aug 2009Aug 2009

Harvey (1950)

Usually not much for older movies however, I loved the story and how the character affected the people around him....

Unknown4440Aug 2010Aug 2010
The African Queen

The African Queen (1951)

Yea I know it's old but if you've never seen it ,it's new to you and with Katharine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart how can you go wrong. He did get drun...

Unknown4110Oct 2010Oct 2010
Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm

Ma and Pa Kettle Back on the Farm (1951)

Fantastic family comedy from 1951...

Unknown4360Aug 2009Aug 2009
A Streetcar Named Desire

A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)

@ rachamin; Wow! that was one intellectual review. Anyway I love this film too, so I suppose we're in agreement....

rachamin6801Jan 2013Jul 2013
The African Queen

The African Queen (1951)

I think bogie won an Oscar for this film. not sure!...

Unknown4991May 2014Aug 2014
Dont Bother To Knock

Don't Bother To Knock (1952)

Marilyn Monroe stars in this 1952 movie about a young woman who has homicidal tendencies....

soloseeker6010Jul 2013

ikiru (1952)

This movie makes you re-eveluate your life and makes you appreciate the little things you can do in your life. I'd love it if I can leave somethhing l...

calmpassion404880Oct 2013
Singing in the Rain

Singing in the Rain (1952)

It never grows old...

Unknown5060Nov 2010
Room for One More

Room for One More (1952)

This is such an entertaining movie about an already large family who ends up taking in 2 orphans. It's got so many comical scenes that would be consid...

Unknown3700Dec 2010
Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair

Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair (1952)

You've just got to see this 1952 comedy. I watched in on Turner Classic Movies & almost split a gut laughing...

Unknown3750Aug 2009Aug 2009
Monkey Business

Monkey Business (1952)

This meticulously restored 1952 classic comedy is filmed in Black & White and stars Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers and Marilyn Monroe. I think anyone wh...

Unknown5330Jun 2009Jun 2009
Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane (1953)

Haven't seen Calamity Jane for several years, but I remember thinking she's a lot like me!!!!!! Great film...definitely one for a rainy...

Unknown7782Mar 2009Sep 2009
Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacation

Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacation (1953)

A 1953 roll-on-the-floor classic comedy AND it is family entertainment!!!!!!...

Unknown4040Aug 2009Aug 2009
The Cruel Sea

The Cruel Sea (1953)

Stiff Upper Lip..British Bulldog Sprit,,and snorkers,,,Can,t beat it !!!!...

lipsee5780Jan 2011
The Cruel sea

The Cruel sea (1953)

Brillantly performed,does not shy away from the more hidden affects of war,like Psychological damage ( I suppose thats called Post Tramatic Stress dis...

lipsee6960Apr 2011
The Robe

The Robe (1953)

A monumental classic epic in the history of the cinema....

Unknown4800Jun 2011
Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane (1953)

I haven't seen this for years, but I remember thinking I can see a lot of me in her character!...

Juneau6690Sep 2009Sep 2009

shane (1953)

I had to read the book for my english exam at school,many moons ago,I only watched the film last year and really enjoyed it!!!...

Unknown9542Jan 2010Jan 2011
ReaR Window

ReaR Window (1954)

Classic! great movie...

Unknown5991Feb 2010Aug 2010
Rear Window

Rear Window (1954)

The ultimate Hitchcock classic....

Bathspa7430Jul 2013

Sabrina (1954)

I like very much this romantic movie, because it was a time that real men were gentleman, that had a scarf to give to ladies. :-)...

Sabrinafair1580Nov 2019
The Egyptian

The Egyptian (1954)

From the classic bestselling novel by Mika Waltari, the Academy Award winning director of CASABLANCA and THE SEA HAWK, and the company that gave you C...

Unknown5620Jun 2011
Ma and Pa Kettle at Home

Ma and Pa Kettle at Home (1954)

Too Funny. Honestly....

Unknown4410Aug 2009Aug 2009
seven brides for seven brothers

seven brides for seven brothers (1954)

This is an all time classic. Excellent...

sharina7342Mar 2009Jul 2009
rear window

rear window (1954)

classic hitchcock amazing movie amazing plot...

Unknown5550Apr 2009Apr 2009
Guys and Dolls

Guys and Dolls (1955)

look how sweat as jean simmons...

cazzyd7662Apr 2009Oct 2010
Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki

Ma and Pa Kettle at Waikiki (1955)


Unknown4260Aug 2009Aug 2009
To Catch a Thief

To Catch a Thief (1955)

Grant looking great!!! A wonderful movie directed by the master of suspense Hitchcock... Love his movies! Both, Grant's and Hitchcocks'...

Unknown6511Jul 2009Apr 2010
Mister Roberts

Mister Roberts (1955)

Great classic....

Unknown5270Jun 2011
The Little Rascals

The Little Rascals (1955)

Oh so funny and such talented kids...

Unknown7840Aug 2009Aug 2009
The Night of the Hunter

The Night of the Hunter (1955)

This movie seems to be before it's time & proves nothing has changed about kinds of people to look out for. Well defines the expression "Wolves in She...

soloseeker5760Jan 2010Jan 2010

Marty (1955)

They don't make i'em like this anymore....

Unknown5370Feb 2014
Strategic Air Command

Strategic Air Command (1955)

James Stewart and June Allyson in a story about an Air Force Pilot going through the trials and tribulations of war. If James Stewart is in the film,...

raytheon16530Aug 2012
It Came From Beneath the Sea

It Came From Beneath the Sea (1955)

This movie looks great In color :)...

Rocker19906780Jun 2013
High Society

High Society (1956)

One of my favourites....

Tedmsc6190Nov 2009Nov 2009
The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments (1956)

This is the best movie of all time well i think it is. I watch this movie on easter and it is wicked awesome and also tell the story about the ten com...

Unknown5521Jun 2012Oct 2012


A movie years ahead of its time with a great moral lesson " after all , we are not GOD"...

Unknown5540Mar 2010Mar 2010
Bus Stop

Bus Stop (1956)

I totally agree, a classic, marilyn is excellent, shows her range of emotions, and as well as being a complete stunner....

Unknown5381Mar 2010Mar 2010
The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments (1956)

An all time classic, really good special effects, Charlton Heston at his best...

Rocker19901,0221May 2014Jul 2015

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