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Movies released in 1960s (90)

Here is a list of movies released in 1960s posted by members. Good movies make great dates. Post your favorite movies, watch movies, and comment on movies. Click here to post a movie. Add your favorite movies to your profile- by choosing a movie below, or by posting a new one not already on the list. See which movies members like, write reviews on movies you've watched, or read reviews & comments written by other members.

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psycho (1960)

i saw it.... i have to say the shower scene was awesome....

Unknown7061Apr 2009Mar 2011


Love movies like these...

Unknown7351Aug 2009Aug 2010
The Three Stooges Show

The Three Stooges Show (1960)

I'm a really big Stooges fan :)...

Rocker19905620Jun 2013
the bell boy

the bell boy (1960)

comedy movie...

pavmitch1231970Dec 2018
Strangers When We Meet

Strangers When We Meet (1960)

A suburban architect loves his wife but is bored with his marriage and with his work, so he takes up with the neglected, married beauty who lives down...

Unknown1220May 2019


If you like sex comedy. Watch Messalina, Messalina by Anneka Di Lorenzo...

Unknown6290May 2019
Judgment at Nuremberg

Judgment at Nuremberg (1961)

One of the most powerful and controversial movies I've ever watched. Saw it at release and viewed again whenever it's programmed....

modoldfash4290Jan 2013
Breakfast at Tiffanys

Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)

Have you had Breakfast at Tiffany's yet?...

Rocker19904520Jun 2013
Top Cat

Top Cat (1961)

Top Cat... The Complete Series (1961) Retro Animation at it's finest!...

Unknown6000Nov 2011
Unknown6930Sep 2009Sep 2009
West Side Story

West Side Story (1961)

I hate musicals but when i seen this movie in high school it was a great movie indeed. Its about these 2 gangs who fight one another and the sister of...

Unknown7373Aug 2009Nov 2010
Breakfast At Tiffanys

Breakfast At Tiffany's (1961)

Nothing like Holly dressing in black to think about elegance... Love this movie!!! Love the soundtrack, specially "Moon river"...

RubyTuesday11,0847Mar 2009Apr 2010
The Guns of Navarone

The Guns of Navarone (1961)

one of the best war films ever made a classic...

_Peet_601,1623May 2009Dec 2010
Splendor In The Grass

Splendor In The Grass (1961)

Still love to watch this movie when I get the chance....

Unknown6481Mar 2010Aug 2010
Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

The best one...

MrsMilano7051May 2009Jun 2019
The Manchurian Candidate

The Manchurian Candidate (1962)

Really great movie....

Unknown5050Jul 2009Jul 2009
Lonely Are the Brave

Lonely Are the Brave (1962)

A fiercely independent cowboy arranges to have himself locked up in jail in order to then escape with an old friend who has been sentenced to the peni...

lostabone6460Apr 2012
The Music Man

The Music Man (1962)

Another movie I dearly love, and yep! I've also done costuming for a live production of this fun show. I love period musicals set around the turn of t...

modoldfash6460Jan 2013
Lange exterminateur The Exterminating Angel

L'ange exterminateur (The Exterminating Angel) (1962)

Roger Ebert, wrote a lengthy dissertation of his interpretation of the films symbolism, which includes the following paragraph; 'The dinner guests rep...

galaxyzen9570Mar 2016
The Haunting

The Haunting (1963)

Great Fantasy ...or not......

Mg8el2690Mar 2017
The Pink Panther

The Pink Panther (1963)

Hilarious movie.Also the Inspector is in love with his beautiful assisstant but always calls her ugly so that he does not lose her.But on the other ha...

horseandstag6640Mar 2013
This Sporting Life

This Sporting Life (1963)

Richard Harris at the height of his acting powers....

Unknown6830Jul 2013
Its a Mad Mad Mad Mad World

It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963)

spencer tracy, phil silvers, jerry lewis, all the greats, what else do you need?...

raytheon16531Aug 2012Jan 2013


YES! I remember seeing this movie in the theater as a child and was terrified to sleep at nite. This was a true horror flick....

RAEL2667071Sep 2011Sep 2011
The great escape

The great escape (1963)

This movie is still fresh and relavent today, not like many that when i watch them 20 years later I am dissapointed. Naturally when Steve McQueen jump...

Tedmsc7322Nov 2009Dec 2009
Captain Sindbad

Captain Sindbad (1963)

Just this one is my favourite...

MrsMilano6590Feb 2010Feb 2010
Jason and the Argonauts

Jason and the Argonauts (1963)

a great classic movie. the scene with skeletons fighting the Argonauts at the end is still awesome due to the stop motion animation for the skeletons...

Unknown6980Jul 2010Jul 2010
The Great Escape

The Great Escape (1963)

An movie that you should never miss...

Unknown4040Apr 2011

Fantomas (1964)


MrsMilano5880Jan 2010Jan 2010
My Fair Lady Audrey Hepburn

My Fair Lady (Audrey Hepburn) (1964)

A widescreen edition of the perennial family favorite as dr. Henry higgins meets his match in a flower girl who blooms into the belle of high society....

sharina7270Mar 2009Mar 2009
Dr Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)

The best film satire you'll ever see. The character names alone are enough to keep me laughing all the way through. Oh, and I got a gif from this one...

Unknown4881Sep 2011Jul 2013
Dr Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)

I love Peter Sellers first and foremost, I don't think the word genius quite covers it when trying to describe him as an actor. It's not for everyone'...

Unknown5080Aug 2009Aug 2009
Rocker19901,0031Apr 2014Feb 2016
The Flight of the Phoenix

The Flight of the Phoenix (1965)

This is one of the alltime greats, super cast!...

Unknown6811Jan 2015Feb 2015
Doctor Zhivago

Doctor Zhivago (1965)

I loved it so much. The film based on a great novel by Boris Pasternak....

Greennovelist9220Jul 2015
Doctor Zhivago

Doctor Zhivago (1965)

An all time Classic...this tale tells just about everything encompassing young lovers; passion; violence; war.....

worldwide24220Mar 2017
Von Ryans Express

Von Ryan's Express (1965)


wayne346150Sep 2012
Hogans Heroes

Hogan's Heroes (1965)

Great adult humor - clever, witty schemes, plots and pranks keep interest - similar style in Scrubs TV show. Surprised to see personality in German Wa...

ManFromMars6130Oct 2012
The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music (1965)

Classic Movie, I like it when I was teenager n still like it now Have many dances n good songs ....

Unknown1,0792Jan 2012Nov 2014
Sound of music

Sound of music (1965)

I soooo love this movie and always have. When I got my first Video player this was the first video I bought....

Unknown8022Mar 2009Apr 2009
The Sons Of Katie Elder

The Sons Of Katie Elder (1965)

Dad Got Me Hooked On Westerns With This Movie!...

Unknown5290Jan 2010Jan 2010
In Harms Way

In Harm's Way (1965)

A Movie Of Character!...

Unknown5090Jan 2010Jan 2010

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