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death at a funeral

death at a funeral (2007)

a great movie of the year 2007. the same movie of 2010 is not so funny....

Unknown2810Dec 2010
Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity (2007)

This movie really messes with your head it's brilliant, although I don't think I could watch it again. I've seen the second one this year that wasn't...

Unknown4230Nov 2010Nov 2010

Transformers (2007)

Love the effects...

Unknown4030Nov 2010
The Poughkeepsie Tapes

The Poughkeepsie Tapes (2007)

a dark and disturbing film that plays out as a mockumentary following the poughkeepsie police force tracking down a serial killer that video tapes his...

midianiam6070Oct 2010Oct 2010
Sigur Ros Heima

Sigur Ros: Heima (2007)

Beautifully filmed and expertly edited, this is one of the best music documentary/tour films I've seen. It delivers great performances in wonderful se...

Unknown5030Sep 2010Sep 2010
Mr Beans Holiday

Mr. Bean's Holiday (2007)

hahaha mr beans holiday now this is a funny movie i actually have this movie it is pretty good and funny as well. I like comedy movies they are hilari...

Unknown7763Sep 2010Nov 2010
Lars and the Real Girl

Lars and the Real Girl (2007)

"A potentially silly premise for a story, becomes a touching, tender film" "Were anyone to suggest that a 'romance' between a guy and a blowup doll...

Juneau6530Aug 2010Aug 2010
King Corn

King Corn (2007)

King Corn examines America's health woes through the multifaceted lens of one humble grain Corn. Find out what you are really eating....

Unknown4750Jul 2010Jul 2010
This Christmas

This Christmas (2007)

Regina King is seriously cut in this movie. Great story line n you get to hear Chris Brown for free. Loretta Divine is one of my favourite actresses....

Unknown2880Jul 2010Jul 2010
You Can Heal Your Life

You Can Heal Your Life (2007)

Forget the secret, watch this DVD, it will set you on the right track by giving you all the tools you need not just propaganda!!...

Unknown5500Jul 2010Jul 2010
The Water Horse Legend of the Deep

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep (2007)

Set in the time of WW2 it's the tale of a young boy who finds an egg which hatches into a strange little beast known as a water horse - the boy then h...

Juneau6630May 2010May 2010

Enchanted (2007)

If you have seen this you should. It's fantastic. I am waiting for the sequel....

Ajjalooking4620Jun 2010Jun 2010
Reign Over Me

Reign Over Me (2007)

Great soundtrack, good acting,well written story. adam sandler in rare form...

fjamesj97019170Jun 2010Jun 2010
Shotgun Stories

Shotgun Stories (2007)

Jeff Nichols hit a home run in his directorial debut. Michael Shannon performance is utterly riveting. I could not take my eyes off him in any scene t...

Unknown3650Jan 2010Jan 2010
Shoot Em Up

Shoot 'Em Up (2007)

This movie is wicked awesome movie. If you like gun blazing action packed movies you will definately like this movie....

ariadne1047043Jan 2010Feb 2011

1408 (2007)

it wasnt the same old movie remade. made me actually jump...

Unknown3830Jan 2010Jan 2010
Death at a Funeral

Death at a Funeral (2007)

Cute picture. Worth watching....

Unknown4952Dec 2009Mar 2010
Savage Grace

Savage Grace (2007)

A scandal? Shocking? Even today? ......

MrsMilano5050Dec 2009Dec 2009

Transformers (2007)

Hell yes, the transforming was hot, it was so well done...

Unknown5382Dec 2009Jun 2010
The Brave One

The Brave One (2007)

Thanks so much for posting the movie, infact it really nice to see...cheers...

Unknown3610Sep 2009Sep 2009
the man from earth

the man from earth (2007)

I started this movie late at night expecting to fall asleep but despite the lack of any real action this movie caught my attention so much I was awake...

Unknown3460Aug 2009Aug 2009
August Rush

August Rush (2007)

Best stirring move I have ever seen. Superb acting and plot. Music was wonderful....

Unknown4710Aug 2009Aug 2009
Hostel 2

Hostel 2 (2007)

Top horror part 2...

MrsMilano5110Nov 2009Nov 2009

Superbad (2007)

im McLovin. lol...

Unknown3871Oct 2009Nov 2009

once (2007)

i liked it because it was almost lik it was real .the music was great....

Unknown5462Oct 2009Dec 2009
Disneynature Earth

Disneynature: Earth (2007)

Earth Describing this Documentation, in all facets, is impossible. Pictures, you never saw before, pure nature and life, like it is. Unbelievable and...

Lammycool6010Oct 2009Oct 2009
2 Days in Paris

2 Days in Paris (2007)

I loved Paris and didnt want to come home when I visited there a few years ago and for that simple reason I have a soft spot for this one....

Unknown5761Oct 2009Feb 2011
Death at a Funeral

Death at a Funeral (2007)

Very funny!...

Unknown8766Oct 2009Feb 2011
Lust Caution

Lust, Caution (2007)

Directed by Ang Lee, who is a great director. I like his movie, "Eat, Drink, Man, Woman" and many more. The cast is great and the action is very inter...

Unknown3820Oct 2009Oct 2009

Shattered (2007)

This one will keep you on your toes. Plus I love Tom Berenger!...

Unknown3400Jun 2009Jun 2009

vacancy (2007)

Own it, thought it was much better than a lot of my movie going friends. Give it a try at least, you never know....

Unknown5131Jun 2009Aug 2009


a story of a family longing to be united. love it....

Unknown7934Jun 2009Jan 2012
The bucket list

The bucket list (2007)

Good Nicholson flick. Touching....

Unknown6563Jul 2009Mar 2011

Juno (2007)

Have just watching this film this evening and was really suprised just how good it was! Loved Juno's feisty character A suprisingly sensitive...

Unknown6842Aug 2009Sep 2010
P S I Love You

P.S. I Love You (2007)

touched my heart! :)...

Unknown6421Aug 2009Aug 2011
Into The Wild

Into The Wild (2007)

I have to agree with the first comment, this movie is brilliant, very well made, great story, takes you on the emotional ride of your life. Watch it,...

Unknown5271May 2009Aug 2009
Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)

If Johnny Depp is in it - it has to be good...

Unknown7173May 2009Oct 2009

transformers (2007)

Yes, it's big, awkward and dumb, but that's why I love it. It doesn't pretend to be clever. It knows exactly what it is; a leave your brain at the do...

Unknown5202Apr 2009Jun 2009
Into the Wild

Into the Wild (2007)

Just enlightening for parents? Enlightening for everyone! This movie was an eye-opener. That is for sure....

kilpkonn4941Apr 2009Jun 2009
P S I love you

P.S. I love you (2007)

i can never read sad/romantic books, i tear up so bad and cant focus enough to actually read it i look like this >>>> and its lame....

Unknown5452May 2009Jul 2009
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (2007)

Watch the movie and see,biography of wounded knee.Heart and soul....

Unknown4010Jun 2009Jun 2009
Unknown7652Apr 2009Mar 2011
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