Multiplayer Checkers Game

Play checkers with other players over the internet.

Instructions: This game is played by two people. In this game there will be a board of 8 x 8 squares, the squares will have alternate black and white colours, and each player has 3 rows of pieces put on the black squares.

A piece can only move forward, it can either move one step diagonally or capture an opponent piece by jumping over it. In a single move, a piece can jump consecutively to capture multiple opponent pieces. When an opponent piece can be captured, you must capture the opponent piece, i.e. you cannot move without capturing when there are some pieces that you can capture.

When a piece reaches the last row, it will be crowned and gains the ability to move backwards. When you capture all the pieces of the other player, you win. You can also win when the opponent cannot make any moves. It is possible that none of the players can force a win, in this case a draw game occurs when both players agree so.

Use the mouse to click a piece to move it, the places where it can move to will be highlighted, click the highlighted place to move the piece to its location.

Comments (9)

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High Scores

Players Date
DianaM | johnathan101176 4/9/2014
Lukeon | Kittyjoy 11/12/2013
bard76 | scottishmuse2011 9/2/2012
bard76 | scottishmuse2011 (tied) 9/2/2012
scottishmuse2011 | bard76 9/2/2012
Homing | pooja24 9/1/2012
anemax | jimboace1 8/12/2012
help123 | jimboace1 7/30/2012
DogMaI | Illyset 1/21/2012
Illyset | DogMaI 1/21/2012
sexybackno1 | muinteoir83 1/5/2012
sexybackno1 | muinteoir83 (tied) 1/5/2012
babrie | robert603 12/28/2011
robert603 | babrie 12/28/2011
muinteoir83 | sexybackno1 12/19/2011
muinteoir83 | sexybackno1 12/19/2011
sexybackno1 | muinteoir83 12/12/2011
muinteoir83 | sexybackno1 12/5/2011
muinteoir83 | sexybackno1 12/5/2011
muinteoir83 | sexybackno1 11/24/2011
muinteoir83 | sexybackno1 11/24/2011
muinteoir83 | sexybackno1 11/15/2011
muinteoir83 | sexybackno1 11/9/2011
sexybackno1 | muinteoir83 11/7/2011
muinteoir83 | sexybackno1 11/7/2011
sexybackno1 | muinteoir83 11/7/2011
sexybackno1 | muinteoir83 11/7/2011
sexybackno1 | muinteoir83 11/1/2011
muinteoir83 | sexybackno1 11/1/2011
muinteoir83 | sexybackno1 10/27/2011
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