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Shinia twain: From this moment

I like this song coz this is for her parents she dedicated and compose for their eternal love....

Aronbrowneyes07604 hrs ago
Julio753014 hrs ago
Kuvans100130Mar 17

Jacob do Bandolim: Cochichando

Jacob Pick Bittencourt, as known as "Jacob do Bandolim", was an important musician of true Brazilian Popular Music: playing his mandolin, he mastered...

Philosophos520Mar 6

Jim brickman: You

My favorite songs of jim brickman...

Aronbrowneyes07140Mar 17
Happychatty1202Mar 8Mar 16
arsie120Mar 16
BerrySmoothie1283Mar 9Mar 16
Rammstein: Engel

Rammstein: Engel

Rammstein got a mention on the forums earlier, so, why not....

arsie80Mar 16
Oceana2U60Mar 16
Oceana2U70Mar 16

Skylar Grey: Stand By Me

Still reeling from the events of yesterday with the Christchurch mosque shootings. I apologise to the victims' families and loved ones, those that...

BerrySmoothie410Mar 16
Jane Siberry: One More Color

Jane Siberry: One More Color.

I searched for decades to find the name of this song....

1_SPCTR110Mar 15
Jane Siberry: One More Colour

Jane Siberry: One More Colour

I searched decades for the name of this song....

1_SPCTR70Mar 15
Live: Overcome

Live: Overcome


Oceana2U180Mar 14
Oceana2U110Mar 14
Oceana2U140Mar 14
Oceana2U160Mar 14
Oceana2U70Mar 14
Oceana2U60Mar 14

Record Company: Rita Mae

Exercising my own demon...

ashlander190Mar 14

The Allan Parsons project: Eye in the Sky

Wanna sings together with ME ? Don't think sorry is easily said Don't try turning tables instead You've taken lots of chances b...

whitelily1240Mar 14

The Muppets: Swedish Chef ft Statler & Waldorf: Black Betty

That was wonderful! Bravo! I loved it! That was great! Well, it was pretty good. Well, It wasn't bad. There were parts that weren't pretty...

BerrySmoothie520Mar 13

Ekkaterinburg Trio: Smoke Gets in your Eyes

Jerome Kern's" Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" from Broadway musical Roberta Romantic and timeless composition...

whitelily1140Mar 13
BerrySmoothie290Mar 13
Frank Boeijen Groep: Kronenburg Park

Frank Boeijen Groep: Kronenburg Park

Inderdaad...." Iedereen is de weg kwijt "...

Oceana2U200Mar 12
The Handsome Family: Far From Any Road

The Handsome Family: Far From Any Road

True Detective Opening Theme...

C0r0Ner160Mar 12
C0r0Ner90Mar 12
Iwanttobewithyou120Mar 12
Nick Cave: Into My Arms

Nick Cave: Into My Arms


Oceana2U220Mar 10
Oceana2U130Mar 10
Oceana2U160Mar 10
None The Richer: Kiss Me

None The Richer: Kiss Me

That's right :)...

1_SPCTR171Mar 10Mar 10
Oceana2U200Mar 10
Iwanttobewithyou231Mar 9Mar 10
pegasus100211Mar 10Mar 10

Billie Eilish: Bury A Friend

Dark.....and I like it.......

BerrySmoothie680Mar 10
Train: Drops of Jupiter

Train: Drops of Jupiter

Be still my heart .....

1_SPCTR311Mar 9Mar 9
1_SPCTR261Mar 9Mar 9
James Blunt: 1973

James Blunt: 1973

You always think of that one special person you had once that you made beautiful memories together, then long n forgotten....wellll, you thought you f...

1_SPCTR311Mar 9Mar 9
davie_stencil1085Mar 7Mar 9
BerrySmoothie680Mar 9
GingerGee: "IF"(meet us in the poems)

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