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Jonathan Bree: You're So Cool

Ok, here's a tune, with it's video, that may elude analysis, but not quite. What, then, is one to think of this? For those of you who...

notofthistime21017 hrs ago

Susan Boyle: Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace

Absolutely beautiful song vocals and video...

Happychatty1110Aug 16
rapturecapture90Aug 16
Happychatty1110Aug 15

Demis Roussos: My Friend The Wind


Ilijana140Aug 15
Talk Talk: For the last time

Talk Talk: For the last time

for the last time :)...

Naomi72110Aug 15
Flame35180Aug 14
Naomi72130Aug 14

The Liminanas: Garden of Love

Here we have an interesting French garage/psych rock band called The Liminanas. Formed in 2009, the band incorporates 1960s punk and obscure aspects o...

notofthistime180Aug 14
Naomi72221Aug 13Aug 13
Naomi72100Aug 13
Naomi72170Aug 13
Naomi72150Aug 12



barbarafernanda90Aug 12
Naomi7230Aug 12

Rufus du Sol (Formerly Rufus in Australia): You Were Right

Alternative dance band Rufus du Sol's fusion of house music euphoria with an indie rock roots vibe is an astounding music experience! With each song's...

notofthistime100Aug 12
Naomi7260Aug 11
BlueLifeTr150Aug 11
Naomi72160Aug 11
Naomi7270Aug 11

Melis Sökmen: All Of Me - Love

Afro-Turk pop, jazz singer...

Flame35180Aug 10

Milton Nascimento: Bola de meia, bola de gude

This is a song of the genre MPB - Música Popular Brasileira, or Brazilian Popular Music simply: with typical cultural arrangements, is one of t...

Philosophos480Aug 3
Anne Clark: Sleeper in Metropolis

Anne Clark: Sleeper in Metropolis

Absolute dance classic...

Naomi72200Aug 10
Torsten Fenslau: HR 3 Clubnight Dorian Gray Club Frankfurt am Main Airport

Torsten Fenslau: HR 3 Clubnight Dorian Gray Club Frankfurt am Main Airport

RIP ..never forgotten..Torsten Fenslau..Founder of Culture Beat...

Naomi7280Aug 10
Nadia Ali: Rapture

Nadia Ali: Rapture

Great Avicii Remix..R.I.P....

Naomi7290Aug 10
Naomi72150Aug 10
Naomi7260Aug 10
The Wallet Brothers: Stork

The Wallet Brothers: Stork

French style Techno from St. Martin :)...

Naomi72230Aug 10
Naomi72120Aug 10

Noir Désir: Le Vent Nous Portera

Magical one song.. Guitar: Manu Chao...

BlueLifeTr100Aug 9
BlueLifeTr170Aug 9

Supreme Beings of Leisure: Never The Same

The band Supreme Beings of Leisure is considered to be mostly performing primarily in the electronica, trip hop, and lounge genres. Cool, smooth fusio...

notofthistime160Aug 8

Procal Harum: A Whiter Shade Of Pale

Timeless absolutely beautiful song, excellent vocalist so much soul in his voice...

Happychatty1290Aug 8

Julian Lennon: Stand By ME

Always liked this song, enjoyed Julian's cover of it...

Happychatty1130Aug 8

Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam: Vocals, Beethoven's 7th, 2nd movement (Zardoz, 1974)

This is the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra of Amsterdam's 1974 performance of Beethoven's 7th, 2nd movement as performed for the film Zardoz, conducted...

notofthistime170Aug 8

Lost At Last: Ocean of Mercy

Here's a devotional song inspired by far east Indian religion performed by the now defunct group Lost At Last. Nevertheless, Jaya Lakshmi, the band's...

notofthistime140Aug 8

United Future Organization: His Name Is ...

What can I say about this song? Moves me back to a time when the practice of traditional martial arts were as intriguing and rewarding as participatio...

notofthistime210Aug 8

Violet Force: Planet E.

Here's one of the many inspiring old-school techno-trance tunes from the early 1990's. Played this one quite a lot in the internet cafe' called Higash...

notofthistime190Aug 8

The Love Me Nots: Cry

Lead singer Nicole Laurenne (Nicole Laurin-Walker) also sings for The Darts and Zero Zero....

notofthistime120Aug 8

Elastica: Waking Up

Suprisingly, Elastica's lead singer, Justine Frischmann, commented in one interview that she found herself more interested in listening to music than...

notofthistime270Aug 8

Plumb (Tiffany Arbuckle Lee): Surfer Girl Replies

Here's a song that's a complex musical tale with philosophical portent. Let's begin. The song seems to allude to an unknown object that is a means by...

notofthistime490Aug 8

Everything But The Girl: Missing (Todd Terry Remix)(1995)

A vivid musical tale of lost connection, sprinkled with clear similes that have been musically well performed. :-)...

notofthistime180Aug 8
lemonika22: "BREAK UP SONGS"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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