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Raimonds Pauls: Moments of Spring music Raimonds Pauls

Raimonds Pauls: Moments of Spring - music Raimonds Pauls

Moments of Spring - music Raimonds Pauls...

woodenjc1,641050Apr 2014
jarred11,722029Jul 2014


True!!!! nice !!! real!!!!...

Yasserlin1,219020Jun 2014
John Mayer: Continuum

John Mayer: Continuum

Another good album......

Unknown568012Jun 2012
John Mayer: Battle Studies

John Mayer: Battle Studies

One of the best albums...

Unknown612011Jun 2012
Queen: Queen The Studio Collection

Queen: Queen The Studio Collection

Ok this is the best expression of music, if me! Queen are all my life !...

HotSpace511010Oct 2016

Lindisfarne: Fog On The Tyne

I always thought Lindisfarne too folkys for me,but watching the vid and listening too "Meet me on the corner" made me appreciate them alot more than I...

indoreman95419Aug 2011Nov 2011
Kiss: Double Platinum

Kiss: Double Platinum

Personal favorite tracks on this 1978 release from Kiss include... "Strutter" "Do You Love Me" "Calling Dr.Love" "Love Gun" "God of Thunder" "Firehou...

Unknown67609Nov 2011

Prefab Sprout: Andromeda Heights

I like Sprouts! This hasn’t got the big hits that ‘Steve McQueen’ has, but it doesn’t have any tracks that I want to skip over either, therefore to me...

indoreman89809Sep 2010Sep 2010
indoreman1,83839Jul 2011Jul 2011

Justin Currie: What Is Love For

Remember Del Amitri? The group is on hold apparently; with no record contract after 2002’s “Can You Do Me Good? “ This is lead singer and major so...

indoreman58708Dec 2011
Teedra Moses: Cognac Conversations

Teedra Moses: Cognac & Conversations

If you don't know nor have you heard of Teedra Moses then you are definitely missing out on the MOST underrated R&B artist in this day and age....

cappylove64808Sep 2015
by Freddy Fender 2012: before the next teardrop falls are you ready

by Freddy Fender (2012): before the next teardrop falls / are you ready

before the next teardrop falls / are you ready...

jarred173308Jul 2014
Prestige: I am blessed

Prestige: I am blessed

Search all you want on Amazon but couldn't find this guy on i just uploaded any ol album cover.. Think i'll just add some tracks from vario...

leetjema1,06608Jan 2015
Sky Ferrera: Everything Is Embarassing

Sky Ferrera: Everything Is Embarassing

I love this song and video and she is everything! Still listening 2017...

Unknown83908Nov 2017

Unicorn: Best Of

A nice compilation of relaxing, laidback tunes from Unicorn’s last three albums. I have all their vinyl albums but it’s this CD that gets playe...

indoreman60207Dec 2011

Shawn Colvin: A Few Small Repairs

This is the first artwork for the album, probably deemed not to have helped sales but it’s replacement, in my opinion, was not an improvement… I prefe...

indoreman66526Dec 2011Dec 2011

Supergrass: In It For The Money

The secondSupergrass album'In It For The Money’ (1997) Very bouncy, uplifting music with just a touch of melancholy, I remember enjoy...

indoreman70406Jan 2012
Joe Satriani: Surfing With The Alien

Joe Satriani: Surfing With The Alien

Excellent tracks on this 1987 release...

Unknown48606Nov 2011

Lindisfarne: Nicely Out Of Tune

Lindisfarne’s first album, equally as good as ‘Fog On The Tyne’ contains similar songs, performed in the same style… in many ways the two albums are i...

indoreman54806Nov 2011
Dido: Life for Rent

Dido: Life for Rent

Don't know if I really should categorise Dido as a pop artiste. However although I'm not really sure what genre I could put her, I do know she's absol...

Mr_Wordsmitten58706Aug 2012
various: Footloose

various: Footloose

1. Footloose - Kenny Loggins 2. Let's Hear It for the Boy - Deniece Williams 3. Almost Paradise - Mike Reno, Ann Wilson 4. Holding Out for a...

Juneau1,09916Oct 2009Oct 2009


An understated masterpiece. Relaxed, beautiful, mellow, summery, soulful music with a hint of Nick Drake. I hadn’t heard of Matt when I came acr...

indoreman1,48805Aug 2011
the beatles: beatles live at the BBC

the beatles: beatles live at the BBC

I like this cd cos it contains one of my favourite covers by the beatles...the teddybears "to know her is to love her",i think john lennons vocal is s...

Unknown43905Feb 2010Feb 2010
The Beatles: A Hard Days Night

The Beatles.: A Hard Day"s Night.

This is their soundtrack album of the same name of their first film....

Unknown44405Feb 2010Feb 2010

Phil Manzanera: Diamond Head

Excellent 1975 debut solo album from Roxy Music’s guitarmeister Philip Geoffrey Targett-Adams. Includes contributions from Brian Eno, Robert Wyatt a...

indoreman70605Nov 2011
Joe Satriani: Crystal Planet

Joe Satriani: Crystal Planet

Released in March (1998) excellent 15 track scorcher from 1 of the top 10 guitarists!...

Unknown49205Nov 2011

Crowded House: Recurring Dream: The Very Best Of Crowded House [Limited Edition]

This is my favourite Crowded House CD … more hits than you can shake a stick at! The second disc features a rather good live concert recording from...

indoreman59405Nov 2011
Tracy Lawrence: The Rock

Tracy Lawrence |: The Rock

Biography Tracy Lawrence is one of the most recognizable voices in Country music with songs such as "Paint Me A Birmingham," "Time Marches On," "Al...

jarred186705Jul 2014
Queen: Queen 40th Albums Collection

Queen: Queen 40th Albums Collection

I love this Queen Issue! All they're studio discs in a box set!...

HotSpace30805Oct 2016

Journey: Don´t stop believibg

An excellent song which I have liked since I first heard it. Also ringtone on my phone!...

Rawlplug57015Nov 2016Mar 2017
In This Moment: Oh Lord

In This Moment: Oh Lord

Love this girls voice....

SmallPaul6105Aug 2018
Me Peter John Bosse: Hello

Me Peter John Bosse: Hello

performed by me...

PeterJB5404Nov 21
Gary Moore: Parisienne Walkways

Gary Moore: Parisienne Walkways

Just sitting here with earphones playing this track and amazed how he makes that Guitar music talk...

AwithJ23904Jan 2017
Banks: Goddess

Banks: Goddess

Love the voice.....

Seri201651004Mar 2016
Joe: Joe Thomas New Man

Joe: Joe Thomas, New Man

Joe, one of my favorite artist, ALWAYS delivers a good album...

cappylove56404Aug 2016
Di Genius: Labwork vol 2

Di Genius: Labwork vol 2


leetjema60904Jan 2015

Lindisfarne: Dingly Dell

Another favourite from 1972, originally bought on vinyl (with "Bolan Boogie" at WHSmith on a visit to York!) soon after it's release date. Completin...

indoreman47904Feb 2015
Ace Frehley: Ace Frehley

Ace Frehley: Ace Frehley

(1978) solo release apart from fellow kiss band mates; widely regarded as the best release of the 4 individual kiss band members. 9 superb tracks,...

Unknown39404Nov 2011

Nick Drake: Way to Blue: An introduction to Nick Drake

Does what it says on the label… an excellent introduction. If you haven’t heard any of Nick Drake’s music you don’t know what you’re missing… but you...

indoreman52604Nov 2011

Brian Eno: Here Come The Warm Jets

Quirky, lively, unusual, debut solo album from the innovative tape and synthesizer genius on his departure from groundbreaking ‘Roxy Music’…. love it!...

indoreman53304Nov 2011
Sniff n the Tears: Fickle Heart

Sniff 'n' the Tears: Fickle Heart

Love this band. Their rock isn't pumping but still quite energetic. A bit more down to earth compared to other bands they didn't seem to get the elite...

Unknown49504Oct 2011
hiwayman5575: "wealth an fame"(meet us in the top 10 lists)

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