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Jessica19572002Aug 7Aug 6
Miley Cyrus: The Climb

Miley Cyrus: The Climb

While "The Climb" has a number of interpretations, it is undoubtedly an inspirational number. The straightforward nature of the ballad has left many f...

bhaywardt11202Jul 27Jul 2019
The Album Leaf: Always For You

The Album Leaf: Always For You


BerrySmoothie49712Jul 26Aug 2019Jul 26

The Grateful Dead: Ripple


gonelikethewimd24612Jul 25Sep 2019Jan 5
Unknown4911Jul 21Jun 3Jul 21
Unknown4511Jul 12Jun 4Jul 12
Unknown8011Jul 8Jun 4Jul 8
Unknown3701Jul 8Jun 5
Unknown8421Jul 8Jun 7Aug 10
Unknown4811Jul 7Jun 5Jul 7
gonelikethewimd22313Jul 7Apr 27Jun 30
Unknown8311Jul 5Jun 5Jul 5
1_SPCTR12411Jul 5Mar 2019Mar 2019
Unknown6911Jun 28Jun 4Jun 10
Barry Manilow: Ready to take a chance again

Barry Manilow: Ready to take a chance again

A few years after my divorce I fell in love again (but she rejected me) and this song described my state of mind at that time....

CallMeSweety8922Jun 23Jun 5Jun 24
Unknown8811Jun 23Jun 5Jun 19
Lindsey Stirling: Shadows

Lindsey Stirling: Shadows

I've recently discovered this artist. I really like her music. I hope you enjoy it, too....

Xanthea4301Jun 22Jun 16
Traveler33MB8112Jun 8Apr 29Jun 8
Elvis Presley: Indescribably Blue

Elvis Presley: Indescribably Blue

This seems the best out of all Presley's to me....

melodydamour6903May 31Jan 9

Jennifer Rush: Power of Love

She reaches high notes on this song......

1_SPCTR5702May 28May 6
samsonx10103May 24Nov 2019
keith sweat: twisted

keith sweat: twisted

i liked the cd my favorite song is twisted when i first heard it i was in school...

Unknown48513May 17Jun 2009Sep 2009
Stylistics: You make me feel Brand New

Stylistics: You make me feel Brand New

"Mere words not explain." I want to feel brand new...

Unknown25002May 17Dec 2016
Milestone: I Care Bout You

Milestone: I Care 'Bout You

Back in 1997, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds created the supergroup Milestone to sing one song for the hit movie Soul Food. The group consisted of K-Ci an...

mahdibadi805802May 17Dec 26
Enya: Caribbean Blue

Enya: Caribbean Blue

Amazing...Enya only in dreams....

Traveler33MB8622May 16May 14May 14
Exemplary: COVID19

Exemplary: COVID19

only1life5612May 15May 15May 15
MissEternity8601May 9Jan 3
Traveler33MB13533May 9Apr 28May 23
Traveler33MB5402May 9May 8
Traveler33MB10232May 8May 8May 8
Juan Pardo: No Me Hables

Juan Pardo: No Me Hables

Estupenda.... No me hables , no me hables, no me hables asi, no me mientas que me duele, que me traten asi....Escucha la bien..Guapo :pr...

Traveler33MB7102May 8May 8
Hauser: Nessun Dorma

Hauser: Nessun Dorma

Bravíssimo Hauser is with no doubt a brill...

Traveler33MB5202May 8May 8

3D Rythm of life: Fantasy

Fantasy # Earth Wind & Fire...

whitelily16302May 7Mar 19
Jean Pitney: Town without pity

Jean Pitney: Town without pity

fantastic performer...

franatt8432May 5May 4May 5

Fby: Under the Sea

released in Paris, 1996...

Mr_Italy20302May 4Dec 2017
Berry2U7302May 1Apr 27

John Hiatt: Feels Like Rain


gonelikethewimd21712Apr 30Mar 22Apr 30
inkind5302Apr 30Apr 29
inkind4701Apr 28Apr 28

Aretha Franklin: Chain of Fools

Does He or does He not exist....of course He does :)...

1_SPCTR4602Apr 27Apr 27
1_SPCTR8702Apr 24Feb 20

Alessi Brothers: Still in love

I would like to be still in love with you for ever...Where are you ?...

FRANCEFRANCE7402Apr 24Mar 27

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