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Shania Twain: Party for two

it is just a love song ...I am waiting for you, madam......

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INXS A New Sensation Music

INXS: A New Sensation

Magnifique!!! :heart...

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Raimonds Pauls: Music by Raimonds Pauls .

Raimonds Pauls - Latvian Composer, Pianist, National Artist of the USSR...

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The Roots Seed 2 0 Music

The Roots: Seed 2.0

Your garden's planted by the sun and moon cycles.(Eclipse) The new name is code: The Only One...

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Don McLean: Vincent

Beautiful song and vocal powerful lyrics...

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Don Mclean: American Pie

Great song, vocals and lyrics...

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Chris Isaak Dancin Music

Chris Isaak: Dancin

.............. Magnificent..........

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Chris Isaak Life Will Go On Music

Chris Isaak: Life Will Go On

.............Beautiful...... Life goes on indeed......

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Chris Isaak Lie to Me Music

Chris Isaak: Lie to Me

...........Better not...................You'll be caught.........J.A.F.O.S.T.E........ :rol...

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George Benson Masquerade Music

George Benson: Masquerade

My status today.....

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Oregon Thanks To YT Music

Oregon: Thanks To YT

Like the mix...

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The Roots Dear God 2 0 Music

The Roots: Dear God 2.0

Yep I know you have your reason....

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Arcade Fire Neighborhood 1 Tunnels Music

Arcade Fire: Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)

Und wenn der Schnee sie beerdigt Meine Nachbarschaft Und wenn meine Eltern weinen Dann grabe ich einen Tunnel Von meinem Fenster zu deinem Ja ein...

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LP Lost on you Music

LP: Lost on you

Such an unusual voice - from sensual to mind blowing , check out her version of Halo too. Her voice seems at it's best on these live lounge performan...

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Oka Ortega Elab Yalla Music

Oka & Ortega: El'ab Yalla

Oka Ortega_El3ab yala...

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Peabo Bryson If ever Music

Peabo Bryson: If ever

A classic romance song...

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Peabo Bryson Show n Tell Music

Peabo Bryson: Show 'n Tell

Tell her what you want. It is the same as asking when you know it's reciprocal....

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Juliette Armanet la folie Music

Juliette Armanet: Å la folie

I love this song because it is a love song and it makes me want to share my love with a woman that I will love until the end of my life...

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Didula: Sateen Shores

Didula - Belarusian musician, pianist, producer, composer...

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Aaliyah One in a million Music

Aaliyah: One in a million

This song is for giving your man his feels....

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Gentle Soul Be your higher self Music

Gentle Soul: Be your higher self

Uniqueness takes strength because others will be drawn to you and try to steal your shine instead of absorbing what eminates freely from it....

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Sam Cooke: Cupid

The velvet tone and voice of the late great Sam Cooke...

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The Delfonics Didnt I blow your mind this time Music

The Delfonics: Didn't I blow your mind this time

Yyyyyyaaaaasssss again and again. Supra!...

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The Delegation Oh Honey Music

The Delegation: Oh Honey

Old school groove and slow grinds...

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Kardes Trkler Demme Music

Kardes Türküler: Demme

Kurdish Folk Music...

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Harbal: "The Witch’s Secret"(meet us in the poems)

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