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Van Halen Ill wait Music

Van Halen: I'll wait

One of my fav's...

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Joey Alexander: BALI

He is a big guy now Bali #Joey Alexander Album Eclips...

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Anita Baker: Sweet Love

The 80's music So glad I grew up in this era...

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Hillsong Worship Shout To The Lord Music

Hillsong Worship: Shout To The Lord

God never sends you into situation alone. God goes before you, He stands beside you, He walks behind you. Whatever situation you have right now, God n...

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Shakira Antologa Music

Shakira: Antología

Childhood song special and beutiful...

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Al Steward and friends: Year of The Cat

Year of the Cat Produced Alan Parsons Composed and Write Al Steward & Peter Wood Music George Ford Peter White Peter Wood Tim Renwick Phil Kenzie...

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U2 Until the End of the World Music

U2: Until the End of the World

On the soundtrack of my youth. Great song from a great album & my # tune....

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Crush Jelly head Music

Crush: Jelly head

Just a classic...

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Springsteen Dont Change Music

Springsteen: Don't Change

Not a Springsteen song, But his version has so much passion. Its about acceptance...

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Jonathan Ostlund Nocturnia Etheral Nights Ascendance Music

Jonathan Ostlund: Nocturnia - Etheral Night's Ascendance

piece for Symphony Orchestra, Chorus, and Piano Obligato, recorded at Mosfilm, Moscow - featured on my album 'Mistral'...

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Jonathan Ostlund Sonata for Cello Piano Night struck mvt II Music

Jonathan Ostlund: Sonata for Cello & Piano 'Night-struck', mvt. II

featured on my first (double) album; 'Lunaris'...

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Bela Babai: The best years of my life

Lyrics With you I spent the best years of my life I don't know how to thank you for all you've done If only I could be in your arms again.....Dear...

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Jose James: They Can't Take that away

They Can't Take that away from me. Album. Fifty shades darker Jose James...

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The Yellowjackets feat. Michael Frank: The Dream

Yellowjackets feat. Michael Frank "The Dream"...

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John Pisano & Anthony Wilson: Good Bait

Still best for the jazz listeners...

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Julio Iglesias: Un canto a Galicia

Still my preferred version, as originally sung in Galego (the Galician language). With lyrics on the screen for karaoke lovers....

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Lenny LeBlanc There is None Like You Music

Lenny LeBlanc: There is None Like You

It's truth! No one can ever touch my heart like JESUS. I trust Him with everything....

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Natasha Midori Be With You Music

Natasha Midori: Be With You

What a beautiful sweet song! I cried when i heard this song. Thanks God you are always with me in times of the hardship of my life. Thank you for your...

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Bob James: Angela

Still remember TV sitcom Taxi? This is 'Angela' an instrumental theme song from Taxi. 1978 Bob James album Touch Down...

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IGY Donald Fagen: The Nightfly

The Nightfly #Donald Fagen...

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Take 6: Revelation (The Yellow Jackets)

Revelation (Yellow Jackets) cover by Take 6...

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Garth Brooks: The dance

Listening to music makes me feel good and relaxed...

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NYKJO: Lily of the Valley

Gospel 'Lily of the Valley' with NewYork Korean Jazz Orchestra...

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