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Anthony Burger and the Choir: Halleluya - Handle

Anthony Burger play the piano beautiful and lively A composition from GF Handle Messiah - Halleluya...

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Vicky Leandros Love Is Blue Music

Vicky Leandros: Love Is Blue

Blue, blue, my world is blue Blue is my world now I'm without you Gray, gray, my life is gray Cold is my heart since you went away Red, red, my ey...

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Sona Jobarteh GAMBIA Official Video Sona Jobarteh GAMBIA Official Video Music

Sona Jobarteh - GAMBIA (Official Video): Sona Jobarteh - GAMBIA (Official Video)

Sona Jobarteh - GAMBIA (Official Video) Highly melodious She is awesome singer, composer, organiser and speciallu best HUMAN... My respects....

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Gerry Rafferty Right Down The Line Music Lyrics Gerry Rafferty Right Down The Line Music Lyrics Music

Gerry Rafferty - Right Down The Line (Music & Lyrics): Gerry Rafferty - Right Down The Line (Music & Lyrics)

Love the woman...... woman deserve love and respect... MELODIOUS....HEART FILLING......

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Lauren Daigle: Winter Wonderland

Her voice sounds crisp, a bit like Adele Wonderful old time Christmas song.. Happy Holidays...

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Lady Gaga: Million Reasons

You're giving me a million reasons .......

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Lady Gaga: Is That Alright

This song brings tears to my powerful and hauntingly beautiful vocals...

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Sunshine and Rain Sunshowers Music

Sunshine and Rain: Sunshowers

Sun. Rain .Earth .Sky....

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Lady Gaga: Shallow

Amazing song and vocals...

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Jubing Kristianto: Ayam Den Lapeh (Padang west Sumatera)

Ayam Den lapeh (Indonesian folk song) Composition : A .Hamid From Padang west Sumatera...

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TooL Lateralus Music

TooL: Lateralus

My FAVOURITE band. Enlightened, conceptual, heavy, spine-tinglingly fierce yet loving lyricism, SOOO brilliantly produced..this band is tiiiight. Can'...

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Twice: like ooh ahh

A great track from an asian pop group i found it by accident and liked it... great dance routine......

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David Guetta Titanium Music

David Guetta: Titanium

Well known disc jockey!!...

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Groove Coverage Wait Music

Groove Coverage: Wait

Just a coincidence I found this group in Spotify. Like it a lot....

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Alvaro Soler La cintura Music

Alvaro Soler: La cintura

I love this sound!!...

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Lasgo Cry Music

Lasgo: Cry

A sad one!...

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Eclipse The downfall of eden Music

Eclipse: The downfall of eden

Not bad at all, or what do you say???...

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Colonia Oduzimas Mi Dah Music

Colonia: Oduzimas Mi Dah

Another, really good music, from Colonia...

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Colonia Tipicno muski Music

Colonia: Tipicno muski

Only a true Croatian can make and create such lovely typical sound!!!...

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Avril lavigne My happy ending Music

Avril lavigne: My happy ending

This will maybe happening to me here....

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Purnama (Indonesian Symphony Orchestra): Mande Mande (from Moluccas)

This is Indonesian Folk Song from Maluku (Molucas Island) Sing by Purnama (Tenorist) Story about a young man name Mande mande, sadly he must left...

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Koko Taylor I m a Woman Music

Koko Taylor: I' m a Woman

I'm a woman, I'm a love maker...

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Jess Greenburg Highway to Hell Music

Jess Greenburg: Highway to Hell

There nothing I dislike, I like the video, but if anyone wants to contact her you can sample of her music from her blog. http://www.jessgreenbergmusi...

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AC DC Highway To Hell Music

AC/DC: Highway To Hell

classic beyond words...

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Christina Perri: Arms

Love this song and the video Awesome lyrics ..."You put your arms around me and I'm home "...

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The Four Lads Istanbul Not Constantinople Music

The Four Lads: Istanbul Not Constantinople

Istanbul was Constantinople Now it's Istanbul not Constantinople Been a long time gone Old Constantinople's still has Turkish delight...

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Vienna Symphony Orchestra: Indonesian Folk music composition

Indonesian folk song, played by Vienna symphony Orchestra in Jakarta #Ampar Ampar Pisang - Sumatera # Jali jali - Betawi Jakarta...

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Toni Braxton: Suddenly

How can i be happy with you ? You even not understand me...

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Rod Stewart: Forever Young

Beautiful lyrics in this song...

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"PLAY NOW: Tetris"(meet us in the games)

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