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the Pixies Surfer Rosa Music

the Pixies: Surfer Rosa

This is an awesome album from the Pixies. This is the album that would despite only having underground success, influence bands like Nirvana and Smash...

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Radiohead Pablo HoneyRad Music

Radiohead: Pablo HoneyRad

This in my opinion is the weakest of the Radiohead discography. It doesn't mean it's bad though. Their most well known song unfortunately is the infam...

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Radiohead Hail to the Thief Music

Radiohead: Hail to the Thief

One of Radiohead's weakest albums. It still manages to get four stars though. Some notable tracks on it are "Myxamatosis" and "There There." Many of t...

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Radiohead Amnesiac Music

Radiohead: Amnesiac

Another great album by Radiohead with more Jazz influence showing. This one was easier to get into maybe because it had more guitar in it....

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mighty mighty bosstones Live Drom The Middle East Music

mighty mighty bosstones: Live Drom The Middle East

:) I love this band, they mix very well ska , rock and metal . Also They are very good at live performances. very energetic...

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Radiohead Kid A Music

Radiohead: Kid A

Another great CD from the Radiohead discography. This one took me longer to get into and appreciate the ambient electronic soundscapes. Some didn't li...

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Radiohead Ok Computer Music

Radiohead: Ok Computer

Another great album from the Brit pop super group. This album is great from tracks like "Airbag" to "the Tourist."...

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Radiohead the Bends Music

Radiohead: the Bends

My favorite album. I bought it used but I have listened to it many times and have grown to like the all the songs....

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Blue Note Trip Somethin Old Somethin Blue Music

Blue Note Trip: Somethin' Old/Somethin' Blue

This is the CD I'm listening to right now! I have every CD by Blue Note Trip. This CD has a variety of different artists so every song is uni...

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Dan Fogelberg Phoenix Music

Dan Fogelberg: Phoenix

EXCELLANT album ... I wore the needle out on my stylis playing it!...

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Jonny Lang Lie to me Music

Jonny Lang: Lie to me

Just good music/beat to listen to...

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Children Of Bodom Chaos Ridden Years Live In Stockholm Music

Children Of Bodom: Chaos Ridden Years : Live In Stockholm

well yeah, im gonna mix it up.. not everyones cup of tea, but this is my favourite band of all time! class musicians and definate inspiration on the m...

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The Bothy Band Old Hag You Have Killed Me Music

The Bothy Band: Old Hag You Have Killed Me

My favourite song: The Maid of Coolmore...

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John Scofield Trio En Route Live Music

John Scofield Trio: En Route- Live

The first time I've listented to John Scofield, I was blown away by his musicianship as a jazz fusion guitarist, jamming with everyone from Medeski, M...

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Dave Matthews Some Devil Music

Dave Matthews: Some Devil

After listening to the first single off this album, "Gravedigger", I knew right away that Dave has created a masterpiece. Although Some Devil i...

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Stray Cats Built For Speed Music

Stray Cats: Built For Speed

Best Rockabilly album ever...

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Joe Satriani The Extremist Music

Joe Satriani: The Extremist

Ever since a friend showed me a song called "War" by Joe Satriani when i was on the road to play a gig one night back home.. i was blew away!!! not by...

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Aldo Treasures of the Soul Music

Aldo: Treasures of the Soul

Aldo's talent extends beyond piano and orchestra; his compositions evoke emotion and romance, essentially painting a picture with music. Listening to...

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Mo Horizons Sunshine Today Music

Mo' Horizons: Sunshine Today

The songs on this CD are all really upbeat and "happy" sounding, and great to dance to. A great CD to wake up to in the morning.. will put you in a g...

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Mezzanine Massive Attack Music

Mezzanine: Massive Attack

This CD is a cross between heavy metal and dance/electronica. The music is dark and eerie sounding... some of the songs are loud, some soft and some...

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Dave Brubeck Dave Brubeck Greatest Hits Music

Dave Brubeck: Dave Brubeck - Greatest Hits

This CD is from mom's era. I heard the song Take Five on the radio and loved it so much, I bought the CD just for that song but I was...

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Celtic Woman Celtic Woman Music

Celtic Woman: Celtic Woman

I bought this CD after seeing Celtic Women in concert when they were in Minneapolis. These 5 women have the most beautiful, perfect voices. I would...

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Natacha Atlas Halim Music

Natacha Atlas: Halim

Natacha Atlas is an Arab pop singer and I love her unique sound! Song number 7 on this CD Ya Weledi is one of the most beautiful and interesti...

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Putumayo Presents Euro Lounge Music

Putumayo Presents: Euro Lounge

I love this CD, every song is so cool! I would highly recommend it to anyone. The style is lounge music, but a lot of the songs are eerie and some s...

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Blue Note Trip Sunset Sunrise Music

Blue Note Trip: Sunset/Sunrise

Blue Note Trip is a CD with a great variety of artists. Each of the albums in their collection comes in a 2 CD box set. I have 7 of their albums (14...

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Easy Tempo Eighteenth Street Lounge Music Music

Easy Tempo: Eighteenth Street Lounge Music

Easy Tempo is a collection of various artists and a great mix of music. I own 11 CDs by Easy Tempo, but this one is one of my favorites. I think eve...

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