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Ruth Brown If I Cant Sell It Ill Keep Sittin On It Music

Ruth Brown: If I Can't Sell It, I'll Keep Sittin' On It

A Ruth Brown classic about uh furniture. Would make one Hell of a Mattress Mack Furniture Store (Houston) commercial....

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Ed Townsend For Your Love 1958 Music

Ed Townsend: For Your Love (1958)

The orchestration and lyrics are dated but the idea of doing anything for someone you truly love will never grow old....

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Etta James Ive Been Loving You Too Long to stop now Music

Etta James: I've Been Loving You Too Long (to stop now)

If all you know of Etta James is At Last, give a listen. I guaranty ya'll be hooked as I was from the first time I heard The Wallflower (AKA Roll with...

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vince gill accompanied by patty loveless go rest high on that mountain Music

vince gill (accompanied by patty loveless): go rest high on that mountain

a gutsy performance by vince gill in tribute to george jones....

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Michael Johnson Ill Always Love You Music

Michael Johnson: I'll Always Love You

All things happened for a reason. Thanks for the memories. It was once in a life time happiness with you. I'll never regret that i met you. You are al...

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Otis Redding Try a Little Tenderness Music

Otis Redding: Try a Little Tenderness

Opens with a BS&T-like horn ensemble intro. Makes you think you're about to hear God Bless the Child but NO. Just foreshadowing what's to come as the...

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Toussaint McCall Nothing Takes The Place Of You Music

Toussaint McCall: Nothing Takes The Place Of You

Dedicated to anyone who has lost someone dear to them, is ready to move on but doesn't want the good memories of a loved one to fade. I play this...

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Irma Thomas Wish Someone Would Care 1964 Music

Irma Thomas: Wish Someone Would Care (1964)

I care. Apparently six characters is not enough caring. There you go, Popup....

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J P Richardson The Big Bopper Someone Watching Over You Music

J.P. Richardson (The Big Bopper): Someone Watching Over You

One of my favorite unknown recordings with a message for today Hardly anyone knows this simple gospel-like song with a Statler Brothers/Jordanaire...

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Little Willie John Need Your Love So Bad 1955 Music

Little Willie John: Need Your Love So Bad (1955)

The original version written and performed by him. Troubled life. Convicted of manslaughter. Died in prison at age 30. First recordings of several cla...

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Roy Orbison Love Hurts 1961 Music

Roy Orbison: Love Hurts (1961)

One of the earliest and best versions of the song...

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Manhattans Kiss and Say Goodbye Remastered Music

Manhattans: Kiss and Say Goodbye (Remastered)

This song is RL. It feels like a funeral when you have to do this. No matter that it's for the best. It's a homegoing alright but there is no joy. Yo...

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Chantels Maybe Music

Chantels: Maybe

Wish I had access to an upright piano again. Even with weighted keys you simply cannot get this kind of percussive gospel-infused sound out of a synth...

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Sam The Man Taylor Harlem Nocturne 1955 Music

Sam (The Man) Taylor: Harlem Nocturne (1955)

The best version IMO. Every time you listen to the recording you hear something you have not heard before. Sam Taylor was able to get sounds out of a...

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Penguins Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild 1954 Music

Penguins: Love Will Make Your Mind Go Wild (1954)

A 50's doo-wop slow jam from the Cali guys who gave you Earth Angel...

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Staple Singers Ill Take You There Music

Staple Singers: I'll Take You There

Nothing like the original version...

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Candi Staton I Aint Easy to Love Music

Candi Staton: I Ain't Easy to Love

Story of my life and the lives of the women I have been with...

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Percy Sledge Warm and Tender Love Music

Percy Sledge: Warm and Tender Love

From the man who gave you When a Man Loves a Woman...

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Joe Tex Hold What You Got Music

Joe Tex: Hold What You Got

As I read through all the profiles of people whose relationships did not work out, I think the world is sorely in need of some Old School Joe Tex wisd...

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Little Milton Dorothy Moore If You Give Me Your Heart Music

Little Milton - Dorothy Moore: If You Give Me Your Heart

Where are all the sophisticated Ladies of Color within my 50 mile radius? I get you. Also got wine and candles....

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Carla Thomas Gee Whiz Music

Carla Thomas: Gee Whiz

Just one of the songs on my special mood-inducing Play List...

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The Harptones A Sunday Kind of Love Music

The Harptones: A Sunday Kind of Love

Willie Winfield leads with some breathy Aaron Neville-like vibrato Slow jams were lots slower when we danced to them in the early 60's. You got th...

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Gotan Project Last Tango in Paris Music

Gotan Project: Last Tango in Paris

Latino blood seams :)...

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Claire Wyndham My Fearless love Music

Claire Wyndham: My Fearless love

I just love this song it just makes me feel the warmth of love and care in this voice.. i hope i find the same... would like to know your reaction to...

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the persuasions with liam omaonlai i still havent found what im looking for partial song Music

the persuasions (with liam o'maonlai): i still haven't found what i'm looking for (partial song)

****as of november 18, 2021 posted new live video****. there is another version of this same performance taken from a different angle. it's just as sh...

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Taylor Swift All too Well Music

Taylor Swift: All too Well

So beautiful a ballad! Poetry so awesome!...

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K T Oslin Live Close By Visit Often Music

K.T. Oslin: Live Close By, Visit Often

Words of wisdom Saw her live in the 90's at the Arena Theater, Houston. Have most of her recordings. Had a gift for writing country songs that rare...

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David Allen Coe Would You Lay with Me In a Field of Stone Music

David Allen Coe: Would You Lay with Me (In a Field of Stone)

Would ya'? I would if it were you....

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Bilal Indrajaya Niscaya Music

Bilal Indrajaya: Niscaya

'Niscaya' Indonesia pop Indie song All will not be destroyed Everlasting All that's past Won't shake the pain All is not forgotten Real engrav...

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The Corrs Summer Sunshine Music

The Corrs: Summer Sunshine

Summer Sunshine...

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The Corrs Runaway Music

The Corrs: Runaway

I have runaway with you......

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Sophie B Hawkins Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover Official Video Music

Sophie B. Hawkins: Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover (Official Video)

You know there's something going on in your head when you look at a picture and say out loud "Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover" and the song isn't even pl...

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LaVern Baker Jim Dandy to the Rescue 1956 Music

LaVern Baker: Jim Dandy to the Rescue (1956)

Rescuing damsels in distress is something I have always done. Met my now deceased wife who was stopped by the side of the road with car trouble. We we...

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Johnny Maestro w the Brooklyn Bridge Sincerely Music

Johnny Maestro w. the Brooklyn Bridge: Sincerely

Simply outstanding acapella doo-wop by deceased former lead of the Crests backed by an equally impressive harmony group. Harvey & the Moonglows 1954 v...

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Louis Armstrong Kiss of Fire Music

Louis Armstrong: Kiss of Fire

The original is called El choclo. It's an Argentine Tango composed around 1900 by someone I've never heard of. The Louis Armstrong version is not the...

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Charles Trenet La Mer 1946 Music

Charles Trenet: La Mer (1946)

You know this as Beyond the Sea by Bobby Daren but the Enlish lyrics to Beyond the Sea are not a translation of the French lyrics. The French version...

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Johnny Rodriguez I Wanta Wake Up With You 1988 Music

Johnny Rodriguez: I Wanta Wake Up With You (1988)

Maybe he stole a chivo to make cabrito and maybe he didn't. ¡Que sepa la chingada! This is still one Hell of a song that anyone who loves music and cu...

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Jennifer Hudson Night Life Music

Jennifer Hudson: Night Life

ICYMI From the 2021 CMA Awards Great googly-moogly! Jennifer Hudson channeling Aretha with a song penned by Willie around 1960 while he was li...

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Earl Lewis the Channels My Love Will Never Die Music

Earl Lewis & the Channels: My Love Will Never Die

Time y'all heard some authentic 50's New York City Doo-Wop make-out music. I sometimes say that I'd go back there for a thin crust Napolitano pie and...

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The Jacks Why Dont You Write Me 1955 Music

The Jacks: Why Don't You Write Me? (1955)

If you were here now, we'd be dancing to this in the kitchen while I made you dinner. Seriously....

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Ray LaMontagne I Was Born To Love You Music

Ray LaMontagne: I Was Born To Love You

Another awesome guitar song by Ray!...

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