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Patrick Juvet Les bleus au coeur Music

Patrick Juvet: Les bleus au coeur

sometimes love can create bruises in the heart but it's so good to love ... we start over and we hope that it will be great love...

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Jamiroquai: Hot Tequila Brown

J.K. Jamiroquai,i do apologize for the Live version i posted ain't that good quality. Making up for it with stud...

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Paul Gilbert Argument about pie Music

Paul Gilbert: Argument about pie

My favourite guitarist Paul Gilbert with his endless talent "Argument about Pie" Album Werewolves of Portland...

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Martin Miller Paul Gilbert Hey Jude Music

Martin Miller & Paul Gilbert: Hey Jude

Hey Jude (Lennon/ McCartney 1968) Martin Miller Band...

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Dominic Miller Last Dance Music

Dominic Miller: Last Dance

Last Dance from Jazz Album First touch D.Miller & SF Orchestra (Slovenian Philharmonic) Conductor : Rok Golob Song Compose & arranger by Dominic Mi...

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Gun NRoses Sweet child Omine Music

Gun N'Roses: Sweet child O'mine

If you are now in your 50s surely you will remember this Rock group and the song ......

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Kyu Sakamoto Sukiyaki Music

Kyu Sakamoto: Sukiyaki

Sukiyaki Original title "Ue o Muite Aruko" or Look up as i walk A timeless song , Im sure every body know this famous Japanesse song Sukiyaki sing by...

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Shelly Berg trio Shes always a woman Music

Shelly Berg trio: She's always a woman

She's always a woman Blackbird Album 2006 Shelly Berg piano Chuck Berghofer bass Greg Field drums...

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Sergio Mendez Brazil 66 Mas Que nada Music

Sergio Mendez & Brazil 66: Mas Que nada

Mas Que Nada Introduce by Eartha Kitt in 1967 Something Special...

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Dominic Miller La Belle Dame Sans Regret Music

Dominic Miller: La Belle Dame Sans Regret

In Jarasum Jazz festival Dominic Miller - guitar Nicolas Fiszman - bass Jason Rebello - piano Rhani Krija - percussion...

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Joaquin Phoenix n Reese Witherspoon It Aint Me Babe Music

Joaquin Phoenix n Reese Witherspoon: It Ain't Me, Babe

You want to sing this with me ? It has to be a duo, male n female, I suppose it could be anybody, really, but I think it would sound better male n fem...

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Jimi Hendrix: The Cry of Love

I have been looking for Angel found at 29:30 for a long time. Reminds me of the story my dad told my mom...the day she died... Made my day for m...

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Various Artists Mixed By Stefano Perazzolo: Funk & Disco !

For all the Funk & Disco Lovers. Category Funk/Disco not in the drop menu i'll be happy with Dance electronic....

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Randy Crawford: Street life

Finally found it!!! Nothing to compare with modern crappy music sheeshhhhh...

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Maceo & The Macks: Cross The Tracks (We Better Go Back) 1975

Compared with modern music? Solar systems away from being even close to that.......

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Jamiroquai: Black Devil Car

Funk ain't in the drop down so i've put "pop" which isn't even close to Funk!!!...

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Oscar Peterson Oliver Jones Just friends Music

Oscar Peterson & Oliver Jones: Just friends

Oscar Emmanuel Peterson, a Canadian jazz pianist, virtuoso and composer. He was called the "Maharaja of the keyboard" by Duke Ellington. One of t...

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L7: Pretend We're Dead

Sorry for the newest generations but today's music at least the last 20 years compared with 70's 80's 90's its...

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Brian Cultbertson Back in the day and so good Music

Brian Cultbertson: Back in the day and so good

Released in 2009, but still rockin' and shakin'...

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Frank Sinatra You make me feel so young Music

Frank Sinatra: You make me feel so young

Frankie again You really makes me feel so young...

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Jamiroquai: Where Do We Go from Here?

That song is Funk but ain't Funk option on categories so... I'll Paste Lyrics too... That's the...

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Sir Joe Quarterman: (I Got) So Much Trouble In My Mind(1973)

That's Actual Music Not The Modern Crap... That's Actually Funk/Soul.......

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Incognito: Nights Over Egypt

For all those that likes Incognito. Not sure if the appropriate category its Jazz but hey i actually do...

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Kandace Springs The nearness of you Music

Kandace Springs: The nearness of you

It's not the pale moon That excites me That thrills and delights me Oh no It's just the nearness of you Hoagy Carmichael 1938...

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Kandace Spring Love got in the way Music

Kandace Spring: Love got in the way

Her voice sounds and fresh like Springs Kandace Springs perform with David Sanborn...

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Simply Red Holding back the years Music

Simply Red: Holding back the years

Simply Red live show in Montreaux Jazz Fest 1992 Their early music appearance as a Soul Jazz group...

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SIMPLY RED Stars Music


A nice song for my future soulmate......

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Dione Warwick What the world needs now Music

Dione Warwick: What the world needs now

At her age she is still a Diva, charming, beauty ,elegance and classy, luv her...

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Will Young Light My Fire Music

Will Young: Light My Fire

The Doors #Jim Morrison (1966) *I prefer Will Young version...

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Etta James At Last Best Music

Etta James: At Last Best

I think her voice is unreal and this album has some of her best works on it...

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Seal Its a Mans World Music

Seal: It's a Man's World

Classic sample.....

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Jamiroquai: Drifting Along

Gosh how can i dislike JK Reggae/Funk it would be BLASFEMIC FOR ME!!! Every times i hear that song i start singing and dancing like a crazy a.. Bonu...

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