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Welcome to the Music section. Below is a list of Music posted by members. Post your favorite Music. Add your favorite music to your profile- by choosing a CD below, or by posting a new one not already on the list. See which CDs members like, write reviews on CDs you've listened to, or read reviews & comments written by other members. Click here to post music.

David Daws ISB Salvation Army brass Victorius Music

David Daws & ISB Salvation Army brass: Victorius

I do enjoy listening to the Salvation Army brass band music. Been blessed with theyr charming perfomance...

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Regent Hall Brass Band SA Swing time Religion Music

Regent Hall Brass Band SA: Swing time Religion

Salvation Army Regent Hall Brass Band Playing Swing.. Wonderful swing...

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Elvis Presley Voy a apagar la luz Music

Elvis Presley: Voy a apagar la luz

Luv this romantic song.....

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Nathalie Cole Solamente Una vez Music

Nathalie Cole: Solamente Una vez

RIP Nathalie.. Still amazing voice beautiful song...

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Westlife I wanna grow old with you Music

Westlife: I wanna grow old with you

I love this song. For two people that love each other....

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Apocalyptica Not Strong Enough Music

Apocalyptica: Not Strong Enough

I love this song!...

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Gilbert O'Sullivan: Alone Again...

...But as if to knock me down, Reality came around, And without so much, as a mere touch, cut me into little pieces.......

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The Animals: We Gotta Get Out Of This Place...

Where the sun refuse to shine......

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Nilsson: Everybody's Talking At Me...

...Banking off on the Northeast winds, Sailing on a sailing on a summer breeze...I won't let me my love behind......

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Neon Trees: Animal....

...Here we go again I kinda want to be more then friends......

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RagnBone Man Human Music

Rag'n'Bone Man: Human

Rag'n'Bone Man - Human (Lyrics) Maybe I'm foolish, maybe I'm blind Thinking I can see through this and see what's behind Got no way to prove it...

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Leonid friends If You Leave me Now Chicago cover Music

Leonid & friends: If You Leave me Now (Chicago cover)

Tribute to The Chicago band By Leonid & Friends Feat. Arkady S...

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NaJee Lets take it Back Music

NaJee: Let's take it Back

Najee feat Incognito...

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Lady Always remember us this way Music

Lady: Always remember us this way

Always remember us this way A star is born...

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CINDERELLA Long Cold Winter Music

CINDERELLA: Long Cold Winter

feed the fire to the fireplace, place a soft plaid and fill two cups of champagne while it's cold outside and no candles are needed inside.... :...

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NSYNC This i promise you Music

NSYNC: This i promise you

I love this song, every time i hear this song I feel emotional....

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Lady Gaga: Alejandro

Still luv Lady Gaga.......

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Dogan Canku Geen Gnler Music

Dogan Canku: Geçen Günler

Dogan Canku is an old Turkish singer and composer . I wanted to share Dogan Canku's this beautiful song. Also he is composer of this song...

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Freestyle Before i let you go i want to say i love you Music

Freestyle: Before i let you go i want to say i love you

I love this song coz i let go someone i love before. I wanted him to be happy....

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Medoly Gardot Good night Music

Medoly Gardot: Good night

Good night <3...

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Silje Nergaard The Waltz Music

Silje Nergaard: The Waltz

"...when girl loves boy and boy loves girl, and feet don't touch the ground."...

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Prince The Beautiful Ones Music

Prince: The Beautiful Ones

The Sexiest Song EVER! Prince baring his soul for love.......

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Van Morrisson: Brown Eyed Girl..

This will never grow old either, luv it :)...

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Roy Orbinson: Pretty Woman ..

This song will never grow old....luv it, luv it :)...

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Dave Koz and Peter White It might be You Music

Dave Koz and Peter White: It might be You

Beautiful Colaboration of Dave Koz and Peter White. "It Might Be You" Stephen Bishop A soundtrack movie of Tootsie...

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Boz Scaggs: Lowdown...

Mmm mm make me move...

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Yiruma Kiss the Rain Music

Yiruma: Kiss the Rain

Piano rain......

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10CC The Worst Band In The World Music

10CC: The Worst Band In The World

Amazing British rock band spoofing on themselves -...

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