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Vesamatti Loiri and Samuel Edelmann City with its beatiful lights is only shadow to me Music

Vesamatti Loiri and Samuel Edelmann: City with its beatiful lights,is only shadow to me

i woke up with the sun to walk on the beach,watching all the infinite something i suspected the lovers walk again,hand in hand under the tree they...

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Dire Straits Sultans of Swing Music

Dire Straits: Sultan's of Swing

I think the band Dire Straits's leader singer is Sultan of Swing only by his choice of beat of the exceptional tune to the music of this song n where...

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Simple Minds Dont You Forget About Me Music

Simple Minds: Don't You Forget About Me

Sometimes you forget then you remember... Sometimes you remember then you forget......

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Pirat Karaiby Don Kamizi Music

Pirat Karaiby: Don Kamizi

This sounds like a ' Let's get back together " song lol luv it, tho...

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Bob Seger Still the same Music

Bob Seger: Still the same

Does this remind you of anyone ?...

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Electric Light Orchestra Telephone Line Music

Electric Light Orchestra: Telephone Line

Haven't heard this one for a while....make me want to miss someone lol but who ? lol...

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Counting Crows Mr Jones Music

Counting Crows: Mr Jones

One of my faves, like usual Luv all my faves......

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enrique eglesias bailando Music

enrique eglesias: bailando

make u want to jump up an dance....

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Linda Ronstadt: Canciones De Mi Padre

The main YouTuble link is a life performance of 'Por un amor' Canciones De Mi Padre (Spanish for "Songs of My Father") is Linda Ronstadt's first al...

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Maria Daines Thats What the Blues is all about Music

Maria Daines: That's What the Blues is all about

Wonderful voice, can listen for hours...

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Ed Sheeran: Thinking Out Loud

People fall in love in mysterious ways.........

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Selena I could fall in love Music

Selena: I could fall in love

Saw the movie Selena love this song it speaks volumes...

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Steely Dan Cousin Dupree Music

Steely Dan: Cousin Dupree

From the album 'Two Against Nature'. RIP Walter Becker you will be sadly missed....

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Ben Mazu Pomme Je tattends Music

Ben Mazué, Pomme: Je t'attends

I am waiting for you......

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Jeremy Camp Adrienne Camp Whatever May Come Music

Jeremy Camp, Adrienne Camp: Whatever May Come

Official Performance Video for "Whatever May Come" by Jeremy and Adrienne Camp Get "The Worship Project" here: S...

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Brian Jenn Johnson Youre Gonna Be Okay Lyric Video Music

Brian & Jenn Johnson: You're Gonna Be Okay (Lyric Video)

Watch the lyric video for "You're Gonna Be OK" from Brian and Jenn Johnson's album "After All These Years." "After All These Years" is a solo album fr...

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Eagles I cant tell you why 1978 Music

Eagles: ' I can't tell you why ' (1978)

great classic 'ballad'.......

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Faith Hill This Kiss Music

Faith Hill: This Kiss ..

Kisses are like magic .....

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Ed Sheeran Thinking out Loud Music

Ed Sheeran: Thinking out Loud

one of my fav songs by Ed Sheeran love this song...

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Julien Dor Waf Music

Julien Doré: Waf

Always about life......

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Julien Dor Barracuda Music

Julien Doré: Barracuda

About life......

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OneRepublic Love Runs Out Music

OneRepublic: Love Runs Out

The song was used in promotions for the ABC drama How to Get Away with Murder and The X Factor. It is also featured in the film Terminator Genisys, th...

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Chris Norman Stay One More Night Music

Chris Norman: Stay One More Night

All the words of love and passion. Never really mean the thing. When freedom is callin'. 'Cos the times are changing. Sometimes all the good goes...

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Daniel Varsano: Je Te Veux (Erik Satie)

Je Te Veux Briliant piece beautiful composition <3...

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chris norman and suzi quatro stumbling Music

chris norman and suzi quatro: stumbling

nice song love it makes u want to dance....

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Julien Dor Nous Music

Julien Doré: Nous

Always love...

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Katachurian Spartacus Music

Katachurian: Spartacus

It always makes me imagine sailing ships in times gone by ... their sails filling, majestically ploughing through waves, as the make their way to far...

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John Fogerty Centerfield Music

John Fogerty: Centerfield

Released in 1985,...

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Kenny Rogers Lady Music

Kenny Rogers: Lady

I was looking for music for my daughter's wedding and found this most beautiful song "Lady" This is my favorite song Lady Lady, I'm your knight...

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Carla Bruni: Quelque Chose

Carla Bruni "Quelque Chose" Lyrics Carla Bruni...

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Seong-Jin Cho: Liebestraum

Franz Listz "Liebestraum" Pianist Seong-Jin Cho (Korea)...

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Eleonora Zouganeli Cut and deal kopse moirase Music

Eleonora Zouganeli: Cut and deal (kopse & moirase)

I like the words of this song and the music....

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