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Temple Of The Dog: Temple Of The Dog

Just before Soundgarden and Pearl Jam exploded on the scene, some members got together to form a band called Temple Of The Dog. The album was released in 1991 and was in tribute to Andrew Wood, the lead Singer of Mother Love Bone who died of a drug overdose in 1990. TOTD is most known for the single Hunger Strike (I'm Going Hungry). This would be a desert album for me. The album is great from beginning to end. I played the crap out of it!

The members were:

-Chris Cornell (founding member) and Matt Cameron of Soundgarden
-Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament (ex members of Mother Love Bone) and Eddie Vedder all of Pearl Jam.

Chris Cornell performs Hunger Strike in his concerts so I was quite happy about that as often old material gets lost in live shows. Two of the best singers in music today are in this band. Love it!

ASIN: B000002GJH

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