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Lincoln Park: Meteora Music

Lincoln Park: Meteora

Nice change of pace .... Good for blowing the cobwebs off !!

ASIN: B00008H2LB

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  • Dmoney27Hidden Profile
    Dmoney27Hidden Profile Nov 2010 Holyoke, Massachusetts USA
    Linkin park is an another great band that i really like. They also have some great songs on there cds as well. I have 3 of there cds and they are coming out with a forth cd this year which will be called a thousand suns by linkin park. I can't wait to hear what the new cd sounds like. I hope it will sound awesome as the ones that they already have out.
  • ThecoolmanHidden Profile
    ThecoolmanHidden Profile Mar 2011 holyoke, Massachusetts USA
    I think this is a great cd as well. linkin park is a great band and they have a lot of good songs on this cd. If you are a hard rock kinda of person then this cd would be an excellent choice to make. also if you are a linkin park type of person hey this would be just as better.
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