Lincoln Park: Meteora

Lincoln Park Meteora Music
by Lincoln Park

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Nice change of pace .... Good for blowing the cobwebs off !!
Linkin park is an another great band that i really like. They also have some great songs on there cds as well. I have 3 of there cds and they are coming out with a forth cd this year which will be called a thousand suns by linkin park. I can't wait to hear what the new cd sounds like. I hope it will sound awesome as the ones that they already have out.
I think this is a great cd as well. linkin park is a great band and they have a lot of good songs on this cd. If you are a hard rock kinda of person then this cd would be an excellent choice to make. also if you are a linkin park type of person hey this would be just as better.
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Meteora, the follow-up album of the new material to Linkin Park's phenomenal eight-times-platinum-in-the-United-States (international sales approaching 6 million) debut album, Hybrid Theory, promises to be one of the most important albums of the year. A deluxe 40-page booklet accompanies the Enhanced CD presented in a Digipak.

Linkin Park’s second studio effort (not counting the 2002 remix album Reanimation) overflows with glossy production values and Big Rock oomph, fully embracing the pop instincts of their Hybrid Theory debut. For many, Theory sounded inexcusably corporate, from its too-timely rap-rock sound to the long list of product endorsements included in the liner notes. Meteora will only amplify those complaints, but this album is actually truer to the band’s nature. It’s still impossible not to hear strains of Limp Bizkit, Korn, Rage Against the Machine, and the like. None of those acts, howeve, would try something as blatantly anthemic as "Easier to Run," which would sound fine to a Def Leppard fan, or as borderline danceable as "Breaking the Habit" and "Session." Linkin Park is what Trent Reznor was always afraid of becoming, but if you ever wished he would drop the pretenses and just make a hair-metal record, you'll find Meteora to your liking. --Matthew Cooke
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