The Clash: The Story Of The Clash....Volume 1

The Clash The Story Of The Clash....Volume 1 Music
by The Clash

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Just classic Clash brilliance....
remindz me of my skul dayscool
Never heard THIS cd, but i gota give it up to the Clash. London Calling, Combat Rock, And i can't think of title, and i'm not gona search...but the cd with the indian facing off against the police. (Has songs like 77, jail guitar doors, Radio clash, prisoner) ...they're all bad a** cds. Just wanted to give my 2 cents since my 2 yr old will dance his a** off anytime he here's train in vain. Ramones 2nd best anyday!!
My fav Clash track "Step Tight Stay Free" I think it was called ,its on there 2nd Album,its years since I listened to it!!!
I grew up with The Clash. They absolutely influenced my later attitudes in life. It makes me sad to see how some kids in their most sensible years are exposed to trash which will help them to grow up in people with no empathy, no tolerance and well, no brain.
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Out-of-print on the US. 2 cd set. Sony/BMG.

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