James Blunt: 1973

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1_SPCTRonline today!
You always think of that one special person you had once that you made beautiful memories together, then long n forgotten....wellll, you thought you forgot, then....moping
Rin83online today!
One of my favorite of his songs. He just so talented! wine
Love is such a beautiful when you are in the arms of someone that changes every thing you never believed could be possible .
And i wish to found the rightful one to love and to hold till the end of time .:heart-beating: hug kiss
1_SPCTRonline today!
Hi wave

I had a friend who actually come looking for me every Saturday night, hunted me down no matter where I was until he found me lol kinda cute n sad at the same time, n of course we were just friends all the way through n we remained in a platonic relationship n was a few years younger then me n as soon as I heard this one particular song, I couldn't help but think of my happily married friend that I only see far off in the distance, now, we still talk but for awhile we haven't shared a good Saturay night for ages, but you know how other things are, those things just fade away like the leaves in the fall :).
Rin, this is definitely one of my faves too n I luv your hat :) head banger
Amadioha yes every needs someone to Love
1_SPCTRonline today!
Got to keep it close just to listen to it again :)
1_SPCTRonline today!
And again lol
1_SPCTRonline today!
Don't you forget me....
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