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michael jackson: the king of pop  MICHAEL JACKSON  1958-2009

michael jackson the king of pop MICHAEL JACKSON 1958-2009 Music
by michael jackson

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i am a fan of michael jackson. god rest his sole. this is money of his misic
may he rest in peace
highest payed Child molester in the world doh
miss thurza, You have EXCELLENT taste in music. I am a huge fan as well, not just for the music but because he's the greatest humanitarian who ever walked the face of this earth. I feel sorry for the ignorant fools who believed all the B.S. & were to weak minded to see what was really going on extortion attempts among many other cruel things he had to deal with. I'm heart broken over his loss. The people who believed the crap can go fall of the face of the earth as far as i'm concerned, we'd be better off without them & there uneducated ingnorance.
amazing and wonderfuol,,,r i p michael hunnixxxlove ya always xxxxxxxxteddybear
awesome soundtrack
RIP- loved his music not so much what the media covered about him
rip michael you were the best
without question, the King of Pop. R.I.P.

You weren't there and have no knowledge of what took place between the child or children and Mr. Jackson. Michael was cleared of "all" charges of molestation! You can't judge or come to a conclusion about a person or a case without knowing that person, without knowing all the facts about that case, and maybe the motives of the accuser or accusers.
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