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Arguing With An Idiot

Arguing With An Idiot.

Author: Unknown....

by Stargazer111
Basic Courtesyonline now!

Basic Courtesy

Picture this: U're sitting in a coffee shop one day and a stranger approaches u and asks if they can join u. They sit down and introduce themselves an...

by Poitin
Adult Theme Warning Die Your Wayonline now!

Adult Theme: Warning/Die Your Way

Oregon Style: laugh or die trying

by ashlander
Thought I would save a lot of time

Thought I would save a lot of time

And leave you all to fight over being at the front...

by Onthcrestofawave


Characteristicsonline now!


What do u want in that special person:- Personality Attitude Solid Dependable Reliable Acceptable Laughter Fun Strong What else ?...

by Snookums33
Feel sexyonline now!

Feel sexy

Every body have own opinion about being / feeling sexy. How/when u find urself soo sexy? How/when u see / think that he/she is so sexy?...

by heavensmile
back to the rootsonline now!

back to the roots

we have to learn again as we used to live, free from all that the system has, I can pass on a lot of old knowledge, crafts, in many ways, we also ha...

by michaellas
Poweronline now!


In relationships:- Must the one party feel superior to the other, Or Then if not, knock some sense into the other. Power ? What happened to...

by Snookums33


where when and who to date

where ...when... and who to date?

I have often felt on the fence with this topic. I see many benefits to just meeting, developing and building a relationship with some just online with...

by TattoedMonk
what is your opinion about music being played in supermarkets

what is your opinion about music being played in supermarkets

I have noticed that some supermarkets do not play music and more local supermarkets play commercial music I find the plan of commercial music that sho...

by Oq_pO
Which James Bond do you fancy most Thread for the Ladies

Which James Bond do you fancy most? Thread for the Ladies:)

Have fun Ladies and enjoy your celebrating crush… Now ladies we all know, that James Bond is a take charge kind of guy, He has charm, charisma, swa...

by LeeCharming
who wins killary n the vampire deep state or trump


Die Your Way Industries

Die Your Way Industries

Just having some fun with the subject of assisted suicide which I believe is legal in Oregon....

by mcradloff
My raft

My raft

It was written a couple of months ago , but it s still actual for now...

by salamuna


Do you believe in what you can't see? Your divine will tell you faith is knowing Trusting in something, feeling it's existence Some are religious,...

by southmiami4321
I heard the angels singing

I heard the angels singing

I heard the angels singing above Calling out their message of love The mountains trembled and the skies rumbled the seas danced with fury as the...

by Akeldama40





Men to Avoid Dating Based on Their Handwriting Characteristics

Men to Avoid Dating Based on Their Handwriting Characteristics

The world is full of predators. Some of the most outwardly charming men can be the most dangerous. Thus, anything that can give you instant insight into a person's character is an invaluable tool. Here are some tips for spotting a sociopath from his...

Red Flags You Shouldnt Ignore When Dating Someone New

Red Flags You Shouldn't Ignore When Dating Someone New

Red flags are ignored by many people because they choose to see the good in people. While it's good to see the positive traits someone has, it's also important to notice things that could be trouble down the line. Here are some red flags that one sho...

15 Fun First Date Ideas

15 Fun First Date Ideas

A first date is a unique opportunity to make a significant impression on someone special. If you've been meeting people online or have been dating for a long time, you've probably encountered the same activities time and time again. Why not suggest a...


What kind of Woman are you

What kind of Woman are you?

Are you a Diva, man eater, compassionate and considerate lady, or simply a perfect companion?...

by Crazykayaker01
Alcohol Abuse Quiz

Alcohol Abuse Quiz

Are you abusing alcohol? Are you on your way to become an alcoholic? The quiz will give you an indication if you are addicted to alcohol or not. Please select Yes or No on each question. Of course, this quiz is going to be useless if you're not going...

by Catfoot
Obscure English Words

Obscure English Words

How well do you know your dictionary? All the words are proper English (no slang)....

by BantamButch

Top 10 Lists

Top Ten Dog Breeds for First Time Dog Owners

Top Ten Dog Breeds for First-Time Dog Owners

If you are thinking of becoming a first-time dog owner, you will need to choose a breed of dog that best suits your personality and lifestyle. Some dogs are perfect for those who love going on long walks, while others are more suited to people who le...

by Staff
Top 12 Stylish Items to Update Your Wardrobe for Spring 2018

Top 12 Stylish Items to Update Your Wardrobe for Spring 2018

Fashion trends are constantly changing, but you don't have to buy an entire wardrobe to be fashion forward each season. These 12 items are perfect for updating your wardrobe so you can step out in style this spring....

by Wonderwoman
Top 10 weird things about me

Top 10 weird things about me

When i hopefully meet people on this site i want to know all about them and not have it b about me. But when you are trying ro win people's attention its more about showing yourself off. This list hopefully will do that - number one being im just w...

by Scottyoneeye