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Remember Kids Never Play With Fireworksonline now!

Remember Kids, Never Play With Fireworks

Let the grownups who been drinking all day set them off

by Track16
Dems lurch to the leftonline today!

Dems lurch to the left

The purge of psuedo-moderate Democrats by woke Democrats continues as Cori Bush defeats long time Democrat congressman Lacy Clay in a Missouri primary...

by Soonyuleknow
Pray for Gricar My K 9 first day without foodonline today!

Pray for Gricar My K-9 first day without food.

How long can a dog go without eating? Most dogs can go three to five days without food, while in some cases they can survive seven days or more. Howev...

by Swamie
Lets go in pastonline today!

Let's go in past

If GOD give you a chance to go in past to correct your mistakes, then which mistake will you correct? Life is full of difficulties and opportunitie...

by Mr_Amor


BBC Responds To Complaints About Use Of N Word In Report About Racist Attack But Fails To Apologisonline now!

BBC Responds To Complaints About Use Of N-Word In Report About Racist Attack - But Fails To Apologis

The BBC has failed to apologise in a statement responding to complaints over the use of the N-word in a report about an unprovoked racist attack in Br...

by tomcatty
What makes men more masculineonline now!

What makes men....more masculine ?

Lee-- triggered this thread...........

by pedro27
Beirutonline now!


A crippling wound, there in my thoughts...

by pedro27
Smokes and drugsonline today!

Smokes and drugs

What was necessity to invent and use the cigrates and all other harmful drugs , who stupid started that disease ?...

by ali110


Will There Be A Presidential Electiononline today!

Will There Be A Presidential Election?

Will there be one? Is Trump the last President? Is Trump President For Life, like Xi of China and Putin of Russia? Will the DNC ever announc...

by CossackCat
Is there such a thing as a straight answer back nowadaysonline today!

Is there such a thing as a straight answer back nowadays?

Frustration is the atmosphere of society....and other adjectives also....trying to do business has always been a challenge but now...

by sweetiefireball
How many people celebrated chilly dog dayonline today!

How many people celebrated chilly dog day?

And, do you like foot longs ?...

by galrads
Do you know a Gaslighteronline today!

Do you know a Gaslighter?

A gaslighter personality is a highly manipulative individual. They could be charismatic and charming, or mysterious and hard to read. People who engag...

by galrads


Lost On Youonline today!

Lost On You

Just my association on one truly good song. Precious gem in this modern era of superficial lyrics and contents also....

by AutumnChild
Deja Vuonline today!

Deja Vu

Deja Vu-ability to feel or percieve things that mind experienced in some mysterious way unexplainable to human psyche....

by AutumnChild
I Dont Know If I have A Friend

I Don't Know If I have A Friend

I traveled all the way to town just to find alone It was a sad experience but I should have known Lonely is everywhere I go it's everywhere I've bee...

by EyeLook4U
Dont Dilly Dally Around

Don't Dilly Dally Around

Your mama sent you to a country store She said Don't dilly dally around You're walking barefoot on a dusty road And you don't hear any sound Of...

by EyeLook4U





Developing Your Hidden Intuitive Powers

Developing Your Hidden Intuitive Powers

Our deeper intuitive powers are a natural part of our birthright. They augment, rather than conflict, with our reasoning abilities, and they can be developed by anyone who is willing to put in the effort and believe in the possibility....

8 Tips to Live a Life That Is Positive in Nature

8 Tips to Live a Life That Is Positive in Nature

Have you ever had to listen to someone who has nothing nice to say about anything or anyone? By the end of the conversation, you're mentally and emotionally exhausted; you pray that you will never become like him. Use the following tips to help you l...

5 Signs Youre Not Ready for a Relationship

5 Signs You're Not Ready for a Relationship

You're single, and there's someone you really like. Before coupling up, consider for a moment whether you're prepared to get into something serious. Read on for five signs that often mean you're not ready for a relationship. You're not over past rel...


impossible friends quiz

impossible friends quiz

if you get 100 percent here,i'd be very surprised...

by samsonx
What is misconceptions people have about Manga and comics

What is misconceptions people have about Manga and comics?

They are both same? They have same sort of artwork? Are they made by same people. What are true and false statements about Manga and comics?...

by LuckyDuck2018
How well do you know goats

How well do you know goats?

Seriously how well do you know them? Some questions are goat questions?...

by LuckyDuck2018

Top 10 Lists

Music Singing Dancing Songwriting Poetry Spoken Word Trap Rap Polyphony Lyricist

Music, Singing, Dancing, Songwriting, Poetry, Spoken Word, Trap, Rap, Polyphony, Lyricist.

I always being in love with what I'm doing, and has encourage me to be who I am today....

by Grimpsey
My Top 10 Spotify Songs

My Top 10 Spotify Songs

Here are my top 10 songs on Spotify...

by Nekat_Emanresu
Sir Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Churchill

When Churchill became Prime Minister in May 1940 he was aware of the importance of oratory in inspiring a nation at war. ... Churchill used emotive language, metaphor and powerful imagery, delivering his speeches with such authority that they strengt...

by bhaywardt




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