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What makes us cry? A stubbed toe while walking in The dark? The outcropping of legs We forget about or took as not Hurtful? What makes us cry...

by freehand

Puerto Rico dam reported to be failing...

and the people living below this dam cannot be contacted to be informed. The news states there is no electricity and telephone service, how does one...

by Johnny_Sparton

Almost Had An o*gasm On The Dance Floor!

So, I just had a little escapade. Left office a little early for a "meeting" and went to my friends' favorite night club I noticed so man...

by Crazyheart38


It Was A Long Time Ago... When This Show Used To Be On.....If I Remember Right.......It Used To Be On...On A Sunday Evening.......And...Of Course..Its...

by namaron


Fleetwood Maconline now!

Fleetwood Mac

What a brilliant American band Their music will never die, post your faves here...

by serene56


Out of each and every part to these threads something new continuously take place. We submitted, Part 5, of this message on September 19, 2017. On We...

by Sanguinarium
Whats happened to all the nice people today

What's happened to all the nice people today ...

I've missed my daily dose of beatings from them ! Ah well ... can't be helped, hope I can sleep though G'night to y'all Be Kind To One Anot...

by HexagonKeySet
Trump threatens to completely annihilate NK

Trump threatens to completely annihilate NK

The US President described Pyongyang's leader Kim Jong Un as a "rocket man on a suicide mission for himself and his regime" in his sternest warning ye...

by aries1234



Favourite way to keep fit

I have a feeling no. 5 will be popular!...

by minnieme2

What is your Favorite Country?

Just see How people is choose because 99% people always safe place so......

by ravimodi

do or will you select your girlfriends or life partner base on?

Natural selection: the human invention was the key to Evolution: the human metamorphosis This is not a misconception of human beings at all, back t...

by goody4goody




A secret is only as good as The paper it's written on After being burned Flakes of gray float into the sky Memories...

by freehand


I was watching Hellraiser III today. In this one Pinhead is given the ability to torture the innocent as well as those who unwisely open the box....

by mcradloff

no lie in her fire

she's mad,but she's magic.There's no lie in her fire....

by syalda

chaos and beauty

she was chaos and beauty intertwined.A tornando of roses from divine....

by syalda


6 Tips For Making Good Conversation On A Date

6 Tips For Making Good Conversation On A Date

Good conversation is important to a dating relationship. It's how you get to know each other and eventually express important feelings and opinions. Learning how to make good conversation for dates will lead to good communication skills in a relation...

4 Signs Youre A Woman Who Is Too Available

4 Signs You're A Woman Who Is Too Available

A woman in the dating world doesn't want to be too available because this behavior comes off as desperate. Men aren't typically attracted to women who are always around because there is no excitement for them. Men enjoy a bit of a chase as well as a...

4 Ways To Stop Acting Like an Insecure Girlfriend

4 Ways To Stop Acting Like an Insecure Girlfriend

Being insecure can cause problems not only in your life, but in your relationships as well. Men don't normally want to date a woman who has no confidence because she is high-maintenance. Women with insecurities need to constantly be reassured that sh...


Alcohol Abuse Quiz

Alcohol Abuse Quiz

Are you abusing alcohol? Are you on your way to become an alcoholic? The quiz will give you an indication if you are addicted to alcohol or not. Please select Yes or No on each question. Of course, this quiz is going to be useless if you're not going...

by Catfoot
Obscure English Words

Obscure English Words

How well do you know your dictionary? All the words are proper English (no slang)....

by BantamButch
LGBT Culture and Terms

LGBT Culture and Terms

How well do you understand the LGBT culture and it's terminology? Find out with this short quiz....

by BantamButch

Top 10 Lists

Ten reasons why woman dump a man

Ten reasons why woman dump a man.

Why a woman dumps a man....

by ladyoftoday
Greatest Comedy Movies of all Time a must see list before you die

Greatest Comedy Movies of all Time (a must see list before you die)

Top 10 Comedy Movies of all time (movies to see before you die)...

by Happythots
Bachelor Recipes

Bachelor Recipes

Chow for the bachelor that isn't a chef. Also ideas for meals that are tasty and easy to fix for anyone....

by tMickeyMann