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Ha ha, loser deleted her blog,.................

Awwww just to look good and feel whiter than white, we all see your blog, what a loser!!!...

by ScottyVan
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When There Was A Fight In School..Back In The Better Days Of My Life...When The Principal Came To Break It Up...The First Words Were.....................

by namaron

Why the world is sooooo messed up

I couldn't never ever begin to understand nor figure out why the world is in the way it's turned out.It's been a mess ever since I can remember. I...

by Ccincy
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Dumbest rumor youve heard about yourself

Dumbest rumor you've heard about yourself?

When I was a little kid people were saying that I was English even though I'm not gay....

by MeteorShower_
Dont Post Until Youre Spoken To

Don't Post Until You're Spoken To...

Being that there are many long time regulars on here, it must feel like being in a social club where newbies have to pass a 1000 thread test and their...

by SkyblueBabe
Failed suicide bomber interview


during his campaign, he stated that he would not mess with 'entitlements'......i.e.- social, the cur...

by woodstock1


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Why do long relationships sometimes breakdown; your opinion of the #1 factor?

What is your opinion as to why long relationships eventually turn into broken hearts and lives. It is a sad thing to see prevail in our society....

by BornTwice



The Funny Time warp Man

Today she calls him the funny time warp man He writes in the past and after many days the words come back again The future was tomorrow then tomorro...

by EyeLook4U

What do you have?

just read it!...

by coffeeguy2u

A true Poets Song

I met her the other day in a sad but Poetic way . she spoke too me in her poetic way . and in a Dream she seemed too say Read Desire to me . Wish . Ob...

by kyacheo

Confusion of Hearts

this is about the difference of age between to people who care for each other but are afraid to be who they want to be...........

by coffeeguy2u


4 New Dating Terms You Need To Know

4 New Dating Terms You Need To Know

Dating and relationships are different than they were decades ago. Smart phones and texting make it easier to avoid people or keep in touch just enough to maintain some semblance of a relationship. You might run into situations that confuse you if yo...

Is He Into You 14 Ways His Body Language Reveals His True Feelings

Is He Into You? 14 Ways His Body Language Reveals His True Feelings

It's not always easy to tell if a man is attracted to you, but you can learn a lot about his interest from his body language. Here are 14 ways a man consciously or subconsciously uses his body to communicate attraction. When you know what to look for...

5 Ways to a Calmer and Happier You

5 Ways to a Calmer and Happier You

Although many people worry about their emotional and physical well-being, they do not know how to be calm and happy. Here are various ways - from getting organized to learning from your mistakes - to help maximise your chances of finding happiness....


Alcohol Abuse Quiz

Alcohol Abuse Quiz

Are you abusing alcohol? Are you on your way to become an alcoholic? The quiz will give you an indication if you are addicted to alcohol or not. Please select Yes or No on each question. Of course, this quiz is going to be useless if you're not going...

by Catfoot
Obscure English Words

Obscure English Words

How well do you know your dictionary? All the words are proper English (no slang)....

by BantamButch
LGBT Culture and Terms

LGBT Culture and Terms

How well do you understand the LGBT culture and it's terminology? Find out with this short quiz....

by BantamButch

Top 10 Lists

Greatest Comedy Movies of all Time a must see list before you die

Greatest Comedy Movies of all Time (a must see list before you die)

Top 10 Comedy Movies of all time (movies to see before you die)...

by Happythots
Bachelor Recipes

Bachelor Recipes

Chow for the bachelor that isn't a chef. Also ideas for meals that are tasty and easy to fix for anyone....

by tMickeyMann
Good Horror Movies

Good Horror Movies

Here are a few Horror movies you may or may not have seen that are completely worth watching....

by tMickeyMann