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Kalpataruonline now!

Gezz! Holycow!

Never seen that before in mylife Making me miss a dear someone who lik...

by Kalpataru

50th Wedding Anniversary

Would like to take this opportunity to put it out into the universe that today me and my siblings etc are going to celebrate my Mam and Dads 50th Wedd...

by Deedee123x

because nice is not real....

80% of nice guys will become serial killers the rest of 20% they are already dead?. because nice is not real.... like ultimately genuine. the worl...

by jarred1
Kiterunner1online now!

Where to go to meet a prospective lover/soul mate ?

So guy any suggestions? A friend once told me that whenever he tried to go hunting so to speak, he would always meet the wrong candidate or none at...

by Kiterunner1


Opposite Sex for a day

Opposite Sex, for a day!!

If you were given the opportunity to be the opposite sex for a day, what would be the first thing you would try out.. ME: Id like to see what its...

by Deedee123x


How many messages and flowers do you get everyday on cs ?...

by ali110
What A Waste Of Food

What A Waste Of Food!

After finishing grocery shopping at my local (major) supermarket today, I happened to pass by the store's dumpster bin in which had been left open, an...

by SingleGuyInOz
Cyber sex

Cyber sex

Do you consider cyber sex cheating?...

by Friskyone



What is your favorite Color of Jello?

Simple... What is your favorite Jello Color?...

by xibo805
HexagonKeySetonline now!

Who sends and receives the most initial approach messages ...

Just select the choice that's 'most you' You must be a logged in member to vote ! Feel free to comment ... why you think it happens that way (y...

by HexagonKeySet

Should Prostitution be legalized everywhere?

Comment please. Bonus points if you can tell us what your first pet was....

by galrads
Harbalonline now!

How annoying is it when you spend all night provoking people and none of the bastards respond?

How much does it bother you when everybody refuses to dignify your posts with a response? Personally, it doesn't bother me at all. I couldn't care l...

by Harbal



Floral assassin

Blues lyrics for Saturday night lovers....

by Oceanzest

Attainable Sun, Contrivance and Plumb

this is about the works of the minor arcana, and the adept of the Magus further committed unto the great work of alchemy....

by Lucifer_Magus

Only a surfer.........

Three absolutely magic days ....... We usually need a heap of wind to whip up the ocean but a passing cyclone far out to sea and a long way from us se...

by Nuwahri61

Secret love

It is condemned by people Secret love, But from it it isn't less Blood exci...

by Ummka


Real Life Love Potions 6 Essential Oils for Attraction

Real Life Love Potions; 6 Essential Oils for Attraction

Did you know that scent can make a huge impact on physical attraction? If you're looking for a way to increase the passion in your relationship or make someone fall for you, try one of these romance enhancing essential oils. Jasmine This essential o...

How To Be Unpopular In The Dating World

How To Be Unpopular In The Dating World

When you can't seem to get past a few dates with anyone, you might begin to wonder what you're doing wrong. It may be a simple case of bad habits you don't realize are putting you in a bad light. Here are five ways you might be ruining your chances a...

8 Tips to Develop Courage

8 Tips to Develop Courage

Don't let life's numerous problems and challenges faze you. Bolster your mind and body with positive thinking and healthy habits to become mentally and physically strong. Here are some tips you can try to boost your fortitude and courage....


What kind of Woman are you

What kind of Woman are you?

Are you a Diva, man eater, compassionate and considerate lady, or simply a perfect companion?...

by Crazykayaker01
Alcohol Abuse Quiz

Alcohol Abuse Quiz

Are you abusing alcohol? Are you on your way to become an alcoholic? The quiz will give you an indication if you are addicted to alcohol or not. Please select Yes or No on each question. Of course, this quiz is going to be useless if you're not going...

by Catfoot
Obscure English Words

Obscure English Words

How well do you know your dictionary? All the words are proper English (no slang)....

by BantamButch

Top 10 Lists

Top 12 Stylish Items to Update Your Wardrobe for Spring 2018

Top 12 Stylish Items to Update Your Wardrobe for Spring 2018

Fashion trends are constantly changing, but you don't have to buy an entire wardrobe to be fashion forward each season. These 12 items are perfect for updating your wardrobe so you can step out in style this spring....

by Wonderwoman
10 reasons why is better to remain singleonline now!

10 reasons why is better to remain single.

My top 10 reasons why to remain single and definitely, not even have just one more date online or in real life with the specific person already dating online or in real life....

by Stargazer111
Top 10 weird things about me

Top 10 weird things about me

When i hopefully meet people on this site i want to know all about them and not have it b about me. But when you are trying ro win people's attention its more about showing yourself off. This list hopefully will do that - number one being im just w...

by Scottyoneeye