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Old Blind Mare

The other horses fought and mingled

But the old blind mare stood alone

Cautiously she moved, listening, feeling, and using different senses in place of sight

Somehow she avoided everyone else's raucous play

and only when masters` voice was heard did she dare get close to anyone

Her swayed back and blank unmoving eyes

showing what used to be youth.

I feel her probing my soul inside, and I shudder.

For she sees my hidden secrets and fears.

The old blind mare stands alone.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
Written 10-22-00. A friend of mine owns...well, when this was written about 10-15 horses and one really stood out in my mind. She was a blind Saddlebred mare in her 20`s and she was never with the rest of the herd, but when I was there I swear she was looking right at me and knew things about me that I didn`t even know.

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Comments (2)

Hi, soquillquay,
It is at once terrifying and exciting when we feel as if another being can actually see us.
soquiliquay, maybe the others shunned her because she couldn't see and kept stepping on their toes....ok hooves.
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