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My destiny

I know you not, I just seem,

I just seem to participate.

Where you lead me or what I will find,

where I go and what I do.

am I your creator or do you hide in wait?

Do I go on and wait for you to reveal yourself?

Do I search for you?

Do I believe you are there?

A grand scheme, a life in hiding.

Some wondrous adventure or an enormous let down.

Will you evade me and keep silent only to laugh at the end.

Will you then speak in my ear that you never were.

Will you leave me to think, "Is this all there is? Is this all I was meant to be?"

Or will you with a laugh tell me that my destiny was to be but a space in time.

Irrelevent. Without meaning. A leaf in the wind. A blade of grass on the prarie. A drop of water in the ocean.

Do I go on? Do what I can? Maybe, just maybe it doesn't matter?

If that I could believe. If that would fill the void.

They seem to know you. They seem to not care. In their ignorance of you, they seem at peace.

But me. In the confines of my heart, there is no contentment with this.

Speak to me. Leave me not with just a feeling.

Born unto a time such as this am I.

So give it meaning.

My Destiny
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
Another set of thoughts written while searching for self.

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ForeverDestiny, Sooo many questions eh? "Do I go on? Do what I can? Maybe, just maybe it doesn't matter?", maybe you don't go on, maybe it DOES matter eh? "A grand scheme, a life in hiding.
Some wondrous adventure or an enormous let down." even a let-down would be an adventure, we all are aware of the questions, and occasionally, particularly on starlit nights, contemplate them. That's a part of living and being ;-)
Exactly my friend, thank you for your words. A life of waiting is a life not lived. I love looking back at these times and cherish the day of awakening and making the right decision, to MOVE FORWARD.
Such a profound question and you have posed the thoughts that go through most people's minds. I guess it's the ability to see outside oneself and in the back of ones mind is always the thought that what happens is fate. Nice write. handshake
Thank you Macduff, truly I believe the answer is there. The work is in the finding...
So you've made a right decision and it was TO MOVE FORWARD - not to wait for destiny to control your steps and make decisions in your stead. It was a right decision, my friend, because, as I believe, there is no destiny, no fate, and we ourselves decide what we are going to do with our lives. Thanks for the poem.
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