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Love Story

I want to write a love story

It`ll begin with you and I

Maybe there`ll be a beautiful garden

With a pretty little swing made for two

Somewhere only we know

With Debussy softly playing in the background, somewhere

There`ll be dinner dates and poetry nights

Cuddle sessions and "naughty" sessions

Secrets whispered in your ears

ABout our future, yes my dear

There`ll be luncheons, and brunches, and breakfasts too

Crying with laughter and diapers! Beware!

Pitter patter on the hard wood floors

Sobbing with skinned knees

Teddy bears soaked in the rain

Days of lazy naps, wanting to escape the frenzy

To put it all aside and remember how it began

School trips and sleepovers

Boyfriends and girlfriends loved and lost

Colleges to look for, and Oh dear, pay for!!

Stern lectures of "No Beer pong, finish your studies."

Hectic schedules, rarely seeing one another

And when we finally do, it`s hard to remember that we were in love

College graduations and then forgotten dreams are found

Careers discovered and the family grows

Age sets in and we look all around us

At our ripple affect

And finally we`ll remember we are indeed in love

And it could just possibly have started, in that one beautiful garden.

With the little swing made for two

In a place somewhere only we knew

With Debussy playing softly in the background...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
Written 9-5-10. This came into my head last night...well this morning as I kept telling myself to go to bed, but I`m too crampy to care lol This is an idyllic look at love and a life created around it, with an undertone of reality stating that no matter how it starts, it`s a ripple affect and creates a larger family, with even more love.

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Comments (5)

*poke, poke* is this poem that bad?!?
How romantic! Sometimes things don't get the attention they deserve on here just because of the timing. Nice write!wine
Debussy or Dropkick's all good. (sorry, it's what's playing right now!) idyllic's a nice reflective look into the future, and i hope you get your swing. tip hat
Debussy..Clare De lune, one of my favs :-)

A lovely soft romantic write Soquiliquay..thumbs up
Afraid tis true about timing, some deserved writes can get missed.
Thanks for sharing. handshake

trurorobonline today!
nope! its not that bad, its swinging!!
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