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Passion of my love

Close your eyes my princess,
And let me touch your face
I don’t want to rush it
Steadily I shall keep the pace.

Listen to my voice my beloved,
And let me whisper in your ear
The sound can be inside you
To tell you I am here

Breathe slowly in my angel
And let me find the part
So I can find the rhythm
With the beating of your heart

Take off your clothes my dear
So that my eyes could ponder
The curves which flows upon you
Bear witness to your wonder.

Don’t move an inch my love
And sense my finger tips
That’s running over your chest
Towards your perfect hips

Let me kiss you darling
So I could taste how sweet
Your lips will guide the way
Until I reached your feet

Let me hear you moan my lady
For I cannot hear enough
Cause the sound of your desire
Reflects the passion of my love
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010

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Arno31, Wow, what a passionate love poem...well done!
Glad you liked it...
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