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Sad State of Affairs

People killing people,
And grownups raping kids.
The sickness and disease,
This country's on the skids.

The money is all gone,
I wonder where it went.
So after paying bills.
There's nothing to be spent.

The price of gas is high,
The cost of living too.
So many unemployed,
Just what are we to do?

You can't walk down the street,
Without a gun and knife.
Just hope to make your car,
And lock it for your life.

Hate to be a downer,
But these things are all known.
Just hope the powers that be,
Might throw us down a bone.

So help your fellow man,
He needs it much as you.
And lend a helping hand,
For you may need one too.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
Usually I can ignore the madness, sometimes I have to speak out...

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So expressive and effective as always.
and what's it gonna take, to right this ship? a sobering thought this morning...and as long as the churches are burning sacred scripts...the storm will continue...does anyone ever feel at a loss because they only have two hands to help with?
Thanks SG! It was on my mind and had to come out...
As sad as this world can be, you leave us with the beautiful truth that light can shine amidst darkness, that we are all interconnected and can be a light to one another...

"So help your fellow man,
He needs it much as you.
And lend a helping hand,
For you may need one too."

...Ty, free bouquet
So true no matter which country, And yes put into the pot of life as one day we may need a dip in that pot too. Loved thishandshake
Thanks Gashly! Yeah, and then there are scammers who take advantage of people's generosity and make $100 a day pretending to be homeless and hungry... Oh well, I'd rather give a dollar to a scammer than let someone actually go hungry.
This is a beautifull heart touching poem, Free...yes it is time to go back to the way things used to be..As John once said.."Imagine all the people living life in peace may say I'm a dreamer,but im not the only one..I hope some day you'll join us..and the world will live as one." Dont lose heart,these things are supposed to happen,im just thankfull for the nice folks here on the corner. Great write my friend..JG..wave peace wine
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The world doesn’t seem fair sometimes
Even health authorities
Who are there to heal the sick can kill,
But it’s not everyone there is
Genuine caring people who care about tomorrow
Themselves sometimes being misled by people of trust
But i believe if we all work more together
teaching the younger generation
To be more sincere and how to care,
I am very poorly now due to corruption
but will continue being me
Loving the people i love and
teaching the world how to care
Daniel angel from Cape Cornwall
Well said beautiful! I have been very fortunate to meet some wonderful people who have gone way out of their way to help me since I've been out here on my own. Now it's time to return some of that karma and I fully intend on doing exactly that. Random acts of kindness are beneficial to both the giver and receiver. hug kiss
Thanks Redex! Yeah, positive karma is the only way to go. Young people think that "pay it forward" is a new concept. I remember random acts of kindness dating back to my childhood.hug
the question is well posed, but mankind has been through worse in the past, don't worry about it, life tends to sort itself out, you could be going to a battlefield in the morning, instead of worrying about a bill, everything is relative, i would settle for a banana.
Thanks JG! Yeah, John got it right and the corner community is a great comfort to many of us...
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