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"Night Night"

No carcass here
blood streaming

would pour

A face within pages
A galiant tour!

Words are - shall be
always honest to mine face
My heart I hold

A love of life
with all the grace

so much more

between us
only you and me
nothing less

You mopped up,your scene
nothing more to see

There is no mess

Already gone.........

Look at that shine!

"Yes I agree"

I put it floatingly to faction

Is there a word for my word

Or have I just spelt floatingley wrong

"All birds sing such captivating.....
the song

The Tui sings
as whom shall come

The eye is of the want

In shyness
creeping back within myself

Must be!
just an understanding

It is so needed
Gets a bit lonely out here

One may think to heed
As we do
We all shine paths
We all walk

So at a different speed

I'm just the the girl at 6 that would put the pot on my head,
smiles; laughter

and music, alphabet
so well said

It became to grow

Skipping past windows of poetic scenes
sleeping in the softest bed,

Just right

Eating porridge

Enticed within the colors and appertite
to the wolves house

Was it to pigs a tumbled look

To become safe within the three houses
which one would I choose

Who read to me, right

Amongst the ruins

No recollection of heart as might

Forgiven memories
of me who saw

As visions of seeing
falling off the wall

All would at a time
Creep to a stall

She lost her sheep
so they say

Wow! so much trouble!

Wonderful bedtime stories

Faction so raw!

No untold poetry

Unto a secret law

And there you are!

So beautiful

My brightest star



~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
Bed time stories,
we all remember..
Hi there my brightest star!

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Comments (12)

Thanks for sharing this beautiful free association. I enjoyed it.
Once again you leave me wanting more !!
"Is there a word for my word"...
I wonder that same thing daily.
I love a lot of the poets on here...some really good stuff.
Yours however are the only poems I can REALLY feel...
I think we have a cosmic connection through words and phrases..
we tap into the same tone and the vibration is always in sync !!
How charming Sophia! Memories and love wine
blizza approves....i do too, the cryptic easy playful attention you pen is captivating. ;-)
---- IMAGE REMOVED because no longer allows embedded images ----
So beautiful and brings a sunshine feeling
Have a beautiful day Sophia
Daniel angel of Cape Cornwall
Just a wonderful read they are all in their brings back fond thoughts of reading to my kids when they were so little.teddybear
and even at my age...i still love to be read to before bed! 'she lost her sheep, so they say'...brilliant! loved it, as usual, sophia cheers
Not the same now I am allowed freely!
Scholar Gypsy
Thank you, beautiful, you see words that combine, and associate..with a splattered plate.

that word for a word, I too still think,
such a personal thought, daily.

Thank you, memories that can shape

I ended upbringing two pieces together, I captivated me too, so I kept it together.
LOL! thankyou

It so wonderful to spread wings of warmth, thank you

Yes! my friend, such a great thing to read to your childeess.....well anybody...... and so tiny little, they were, when we did, as those inquiring saucered eyes heard our words.

Yup! just one paddock over, nice and safe, off to grab a drink, its pool night tonight and maybe darts to think.
Plenty of grass for the sheep.
I never had a crook.....
It was a pool que I took
That, hey! they all mistook..LOL !!!!

Your allowed anything you wish
this will come always freely
Your smile of who you are, its such a delight, an
there, you will pour, into your writes

Thank you all,
I write because I love and feel, not I want to reach and touch, I write because its a love, I just do it, from abortuairs, to golden suns thank you, who simply reads my words, when time prevails. SS
"I write because I love and feel,"
That is so beautiful because it is so true Sophia!

You do, and you do it so wonderfully.

Ty, lovely friend.

---- IMAGE REMOVED because no longer allows embedded images ----

For those who are unfamiliar with our Beautiful NZ bird songster, known in earlier times as the Parson Bird, because of the white ruffs.

The Tui sings
as whom shall come

from one kiwi to another

Its such a great feeling to do what we all do in so many different ways,
I thankyou


My fellow kiwi, so gorgeous you revealed the beauty of our Tui, magnificent colors and such a song to sing
May your truelove, across the water, hear the song, and see the beauty of the Tui, too, and may mine.....
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