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Isn't it funny what becomes important
when you're running out of time,
Had your money all spent and accounted for right down to your last dime..
You had it all or so you thought,right there in the palm of your hand..
But what you didn't prepare for.,
were those last few grains of sand..
Because basically what it comes down to is that we have no control..
fate is predetermined... as we reap what we sow...
You could have been all you wanted.. maybe bought all that you wanted..
But the one thing you found out you couldn't buy...
Was Time .

Good-bye is so inevitable...and most people are so forgettable..
Or so life will lead us to believe...
And if everything is predetermined... then what
Is there left for us to believe..

But don't just let this time go by.. without giving it one more try..
Because as long as you live and breathe....
as long as you're still able to
Show them in every way, just how much they you..
And no don't ever take it for granted....
And don't ever let one single second pass you by
Make up for all that you have lost, now while you are able..
Now is the time to bring it all to the table..
Because if anything is certain in this life...
It's not time..
Time waits for no one.
No not time.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010

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Comments (9)

There are no luggage-racks on hearses... Gather ye rosebuds! Cheers! wine
Yes ... thankfully............ only for the ones left behind I guess... teddybear
Ah Quiet Storm! Why was this our lot? Ah! Your black background too! Please still keep a little more quiet to see if the butterfly's blue color changes too with a change of direction.
Lol I apppreciate these thoughts I really do....... just my dark spirit getting the best of me... I write what I feel at any given time... but ya know with the dawn... comes the light....... Thanks my friend for your astute thoughs!Your compassion was/is... truly appreciated!

cool teddybear
Hi, QuietStormF,
As long as there is breath, there is hope and/or acceptance and time to say, "I love you" in so many ways. Wishing the gift of much more time.
Difficult times for you, Quietstorm, thanks for sharing deep thoughts.
I wish to reasure that there is always time; each is granted as much as he/she needs to eventually get it right and everyone does in the end.
Each life is just a chapter in a person's book,

You're so clear on what is important QS...

Showing how much your parents mean, and saying "I Love You" while you can is pure gift to them, and for you.

All too often, people don't know what they mean to someone until after they're gone.

Ty for reminding us how precious time is, and even more so, what we do with it

Lovely and so true are your words. I will keep you and your parents in my prayers. Take care. Blessings.
Yes time is so precious, to gather good memories along the way too. I feel for you at this stark time in your lifehug
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