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Her Lost Dream

Sinking in the blueness of the sea,
Walking in the wetness of the beach,
Surrendering her soul to him,
Moving with breeze of the life,
She talked with her soul mate
Enjoying the freedom of weekend.

The night arrived in her majesty,
With her cousins, fathers and forefathers around.
The party waited for the couple,
The dance of selflessness began.
Holding a drink on the hand,
Dancing with a dream on the head,
Drenching in the taste of Somarasa,
Smoking a chill of Marijuana,
She danced with all her beauty
He withdrew from the drink of nectar.

Aphrodite's cosmic force set different plans,
He set his eyes on another apsara,
Her heavenly adornment robbed his imagination.
Ignoring the partner's inept love
He pleaded psychic bonding to the apsara
Winking and smiling at his plea,
She fixed the rate for the night.

Dropping his partner in the bed
Conquered by the lust's gift
Smiling with greed's dream
He spent the night by apsara's vibrations,
returning the hostility with extra force.
As night withdrew from her karma,
He walked back to his partner

Sun rolled his fingers over her serene face
She woke up to the tune of koel's music
To Find her soul by her side
Preparing a pot of coffee
Humming a tune from 'Sincerity'
Dropping a tear for yesterdays drenches

He smiled at her tear,
Unknowing the perilous outcome of his karma.
Unity lost her hope,
Harmony had intellectual preoccupations.
'Thy beloved had already lost, dear.'
Aphrodite cried, repending the force she exerted
On this sunny day, the room chose to kiss darkness....
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
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Comments (9)

it's a strikingly beautiful piece...and the last stanza - the last line in particular, is amazing. awesome! thanks for sharing!
Very well written!

Intensely powerful, but too, so sad ~ yet karma is karma...

sad flower
Full of impact,what a night of love lust,Marijuana,and karma.Great write.Well written poems.thumbs up handshake
Thank you Paloma Ji....The impact of his more vivid..I wrote this bearing in mind a friend who returned back to stay with me in Ireland, just one week after Marriage. and he dated with another woman the next day....poor soul with hopes pinned she is waiting for her love back in India
Sad my dear,you write so well,God bless you.hug teddybear
Hi, hariksna,
Such a tragic tale. To wake up to the music of the koel, who lays eggs in the nest of another species, is truly to kiss darkness, such a long way from the beauty of Sinking in the blueness of the sea.
Thank you Shalom
Gnj4u I do not have words to express my gratitude for posting such a beautiful comment...
A wonder filled piece of dramatic spiritual poetry. I did not find it sad, it made me smile at the inevitable foibles of humanity. I find humour in this. Karma will always be balanced out in the end. Maybe I am just strange...
Keep lifting your vibrations, Hari, the results are already great!

Om Gam, Gam Ganapataye, Namaha, Namaha..
Thank u cj u gauge through the writers mind...and thanks for the wish and prayer on this auspicious day of ganesh chaturthy....
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