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Wide Open Spaces

Land is a long winding blossoming harvest
waterfalls found round each corner
Evergreens Weeping willows Birch and Maple trees
Scatterred gracefull across this beautiful land of ours
Early morning sunset breathtaking relaxing refreshing
A vigourous walk through the park
Different people all walks of life explore
A harmonious melting pot found in the wide open spaces
Colourful rainbow appears in the sky
New beginnings opportunities adventures for all
Beethovans sonatas simulated by the singing birds
Butterflies mosquitos honeybees all making a buzz
Buses and trucks making their deliveries daily
Tim Hortons offers coffee and tea
Wide open Spaces in Canada
Youngsters are striking out on their own
Universities and collegs provide a means of improvement
Our lives are constantly changing with technology and art
Hippies and musicians decorate our cultures
However the virtues and core values remain the same
Peace and Goodwill to all
Explore the Wide Open Spaces
Seeing you at Niagara Falls
Blessings and love always
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
an inspiration each day provides us with opportunity
A time to greet family and friends
A brave new world
For us to explore
blessings and love to all

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Comments (2)

great write, Ironman, lovely descriptions of the wonders of nature,
My kind of open space ironman, and my kind of read, thankyouhandshake
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