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Free up your mind and wonder
take your hurt away
when all your head is gone
when you know you don't belong
sentimental journeys all
take my hand and we'll fly away

Lay your head on mine
share the heavy heart
its over now
if i can i'll help you anyhow
turn a frown into a smile
take my hand and we will fly away

Some may even say
to hold a truth in lies
i'll be moving on
love should sing to me a pretty song
all i hear is minor keys
take my hand and we'll fly away

On angels wings we ride
heaven surely hides
keep us from safe from harm
shelter lessons learned that hate derides
i'll let you go so long, goodbye
my only love you can, fly away.

fly away, fly fly away,
fly away fly away……... fly away……….
fly away……….....
fly away
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
The words to a song i wrote a year ago. Its one of my favourite songs written by me and i always love to play it on piano. Very simple haunting melody with no chorus or bridge but i like it that way so i left it. If anyone wants to hear the musical version with me playing piano let me know.

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Comments (2)

bouquet like lyrics of song jeff,,hope to hear you play it on piano one daycheers cheers cheers
Very nice, Jeffc
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