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Dedicated to scammers on line

I don't need u fake promises
Your feelings fake
And I don't need by u
Fake glamourous pictures.
I don't want u fake love
Words sweet by lies.
I don't need by u phone number
And u id adress because I am
Not intending send u even a cent.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010

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Comments (6)

Bravo! If everybody took this attitude, the scammers would disappear... wine
Proud of you!!!!!

Well written right to the point, I can relate.

Short and sweet..... again right to the point!!!!!

laugh i think they got it claudya thumbs up
if only they read poetry! bouquet bouquet bouquet
I have been on this site for only 2 days, and already I have seen profile pics of women using the photos of pornstars. Get a life!
thumbs up good one claudya,,hope those scammers who read this will have a shame on themselves,,,,there are scammers who pretend to be a poet too ladybee,i swear,..

im just wondering what would they get scamming others doh

well done claudya and good writecheers teddybear bouquet
Good on you girl! I get at least one scammer a day. Do I look that gullible? A good subject for a poem.cheers
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