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limerick 2

There was an young woman from france
who wandered about in a trance
til one day she fell
into a wishing well
now they wish for a woman from france
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010

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Comments (18)

Very clever! Made me laugh, too! yay
The was a Young Lady of Bute,
Who played on a silver-gilt flute;
She played several jigs,
To her uncle's white pigs,
That amusing Young Lady of Bute.wave
There was an old man from Nantucket... grin beer
hi scatlyn..thanks a lot scatlyn..glad it got your ribs tickled..real kind of you to put the comments on my other stuff
hi nuli..thanks..see you are no stranger to the odd limerick yourself..its good too..thumbs up
hi free..see you got the limerick mind for dropping in with the comment..thumbs up
Seeing it's limerick day, just had to find this one again. Love it..."wishing well" and "now they wish..." rolling on the floor laughing
hi scatlyn and thanks for the comment on this one i had forgotten this one..really appreciate you getting it out for limerick kind of you thank you so very muchwine wave
Hi, serpico12,
Clever write! It's nice to know the woman from france and your limerick 2 were missed.
thanks gn..well she was the only one that ryhymed with
laugh laugh

need a lot of wishes for that one to come true!

bouquet bouquet
yes.but if wishes were horses as the song goes, they could pull her neat observance though...wave
very cool Serpico!
how intriguing limericks arewave

dancing cool
thanks sophia yes the limericks have a form of their own, interesting to do..seem popular here..
niah9online today!
Well I get to it second time around...nice one Serpico...Niah
cheering bouquet
thanks can catch one out sometimes...limericks are trickey.wave
Good Limerick. Perhaps they
could "fish" for a woman
from France now.dunno peace
true so true, all you need is some horse power..thanks for viewing.
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