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She is landing

On a sunlit summit on the ridge of day
A group of daydreams danced my way
Love is landing, they softly say
She’s touching down and is here to stay

She is arriving on a flight of sun
Mission that every heart is won
Her luggage is lined with hope and fun
Golden age has now begun

To see her you will not have to try
Or vacant loss of want and cry
Be born again to live and die
Wonder how and what and why

Wait, she’ll tip tap on your door
You will know it is she, tender sure
Yearn and empty are no more
Into the light each soul shall soar
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
I do write some nonsense sometimes.

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Comments (12)

and glide beautifully on thermals of hope and joy......Lovely writing
i just love this cj it's just beautiful
thumbs up thumbs up bouquet bouquet
Absolutely inspiring, CJ. Your words should bring hope to all who seek love, especially those who find love just happens to live somewhere far away.

applause applause applause

Now, if I could just convince my Crow to fly South... laugh If she can't fly, I'll carry her on my shoulder. heart wings
Not nonsense, CJ, beautiful! Kudos! wine
Nonsense not, do I need to come to the UK just to give you a pat on your back? Beautiful rythym, rhyme, and structure CarolJoyce. wine
C.J. Tender though she may be,
her words will soar for all to see,
upon touching down on summit ridge,
she posts her wizened knowledge. ;-)
Carol certainly no nonsense here, a beautiful way to greet life and the daycheers
if this is nonsense then the rest of us are insane. (or something like that!) i kinda hope she taps quickly for me. laugh it's awesome cj, as usual!
It's all her play CJ...and without her play all fun is lost...
I see and read no nonsense here CJ! A lovely write.

"Golden age has now begun"! Perfect!dancing

Ljj angel
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Thanks so much, and thank you Daniel for the beautiful visuals,

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