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On England Bloom

On England Bloom
this poem was tragically inspired when two very young girls were abducted, raped and murdered 12/06/03

Two girls have left this land of sin
As parent’s like a planet spin
A nation and a world does cry
For stealing that we hold so high

Two girls so young and that is sad
That breaks our hearts and makes us mad
We cannot understand why so
To hurt such girls as pure as snow

To steal such laughter joy and trust
To stop these crimes we always must
Remember amongst this evil race
That hanging has a fitting place

On bended knee I pray this day
That these two girls have gone away
Though parents grieve for dreadful life
That hand of God does save such strife

For innocence stolen and denied
I trust with God they are by his side
And pain forgotten and place to stay
Of dreams that have a place to play

But know that on the land they pass
With rotten weed and craggy grass
Will grow two roses English born
Forever bloom on English Morn
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
When I read about this tradegy I was moved to tears at the loss of such innocence and at the same time angry at such a crime. Both very strong emotions (grief and anger) that stirred in me a need to express my feelings.

I do write poetry that whilst driven like many arts by emotion, are inspiring as well. Thank you for letting me share it...great idea this forum. :)

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Nice write CourtesyPlus! Welcome to the community! beer
Cheers mate and thanks for the welcome cheers
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