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Here I am again

Here I go again
Here I found myself
back in love again
Listen I hear a new song on the wing
Where have you been.
Time changes alot of things even love
But it cant blimish the feeling
you get from a new love
When you cant stop smiling
and hummimg a melody
here I am again
You smiled at me
and my heart skips a beat
Your hand softly touch mine
I felt it deep down in me
Old ,or young
Its more than one can beleive
Here Im in love again
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
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Comments (4)

Ah nice write.. and may I say... lucky you ! love smitten teddybear bouquet bouquet
Your write is more than "ok"... it's very sweet, lighthearted, and hopeful.

Thanks cometome cartwheel
Lovely poem, lovely picture, and pleased your singing again.handshake
nice poem
thumbs up bouquet bouquet
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