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From the first time I saw her smile.
An Angel with such beauty and style.
I felt my heart starting to flutter.
Then I knew there could be no other.
Her touch gave me the greatest sensation.
I knew deeply, it was not infatuation.
Self preservation in my mind did ponder.
No one ever touched me in this way.
My heart still feels the desire of that day.
You branded my soul with eternal love.
So I pray to the Man in heaven above.
One day you will feel as do.
Until then, I will be there for you.
Love true, is patient and understanding.
For sure, even very kind and forgiving.
Only those who do will truly ever see.
Real trust and devotion to forever be.
This I will promise forever, if you wish it to be.
Or grow old with no one to inspire.
Become my partner, lover, and loving wife.
Eternal love can be ours for a blessed life.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2009
About this poem:
A dear friend suggested I post this. And as many of my poems there is a hidden theme.

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Comments (5)

Another good one P/P.. probably my favorite teddybear
as awlays , u make us have magic happiness when we read ur words .thanks for share
dear poet..whatever it may be...its good..applause applause applause

your poem leads us to an another world..
PassionatePoetonline today!
Thanks! So many looks but so few views. There must not be many true romantics on here. LOL! Or hoping I would be younger and better looking. LOL! Thanks again!
So this love Is a rare event,
It is something I have not experienced,
But I can still dream that it is true! blushing
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