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salsa in the stars

When he caught her hand
in the pale moonlight
on the shore of a distant moon
galaxies and a thousand suns
were the place that they could run
dance upon the rings of saturn
twirling around in space
face to face
cheek to cheek
as the stars hung still in space

dance out to the planets
edging away from earth

on mercury the minuet
on venus the vals
dancing in the starlight
the marinera on mars
salsa on saturn
nutbush on neptune
parasol dancing we did on pluto
stepping across by star beams
vision in a moonlight gown
eyes of jade
stardust her sandel shoes
moonlight her hair
dancing across the universe
man and the woman
somewhere out there
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010

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Comments (3)

A wonderful Salsa serpico, I have tried to do the salsa but did not manage so yes my salsa will be in the starsteddybear
not alone hedex..i cant salsa
Salsa is good on chips... grin Nice whimsical poem! beer
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