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Eyes Of The Beholder

Eyes Of The Beholder

Looking down at the evening sun
mesmerized at the earlier view
the look into your eyes
the brown color
floating so perfectly
a aligned symmetry of beautifull

To see you walk by
well knowing
you could be my best friend, my lover, my one.
or in this case, the one i let go.
its the choices we take, the decisions we make, that makes us.
So im happy, to call you my friend
my beautifull friend
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010

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Comments (5)

it is indeed in the eyes (aka opinion) of the beholder that thoughts are made and let go. - interesting. ;-)
nice poem
bouquet bouquet
Kudos! beer
Fab poem FreeMindedPoet..thumbs up
And Welcome to the Corner wine

thank you all for the comments :) i got loads of poems waiting to be written on my pc, and to be spell-checked, us danes doesnt spell to good :)
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